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Cat problems - WWYD?

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Springlove1 Sun 18-Mar-18 20:36:08

Please can someone offer me some rational advice.

I have got two cats. Cat 1 is a rescue and is 4 years old and total PITA! Cat 2 is not a rescue and is a lovely cat.

The situation is that I have to feed them separately because Cat 1 eats Cat 2s food. Cat 1 eats everything in sight, he eats the children’s foods off their plates if I’m not there, he eats bread, biscuits - literally anything he finds that I have left out. He’s even come through the cat flap with sachets of food that he’s stolen from someone else’s house!

The food thing is a real issue now. We are constantly feeling on edge because he’s always ready to steal food. My DH hates the cat with a passion and it causes so many arguments between us.

Cat 1 has spent a lot of time at the vets for various reasons - he got run over, he’s had multiple abscesses which have got infected, cuts, he’s been stitched up several times. The vet can’t find anything wrong with him with regard to his constant hunger.

I am at breaking point now, I dont know what I can do to prevent him stealing food and its becoming a real issue in the home. To the point that my DH wants to rehome him. There are other minor issues - the two cats fight quite often (hence the abscesses). I would loathe to rehome him because I don’t think he’d be rehomed in a hurry and I couldn’t bear the thought of him being in a rescue centre for months on end. Someone suggested I should have him PTS which I also can’t bear to think about.

Help, what should I do?!

retirednow Sun 18-Mar-18 20:43:15

If he is a rescue he may well be guarding his food and always looking for the next meal. If they are fighting then it will be stressful for both of them and if your dh hates him then that's unfair on dh and cat, it's not the cats fault he is like this. It sounds as if It is causing problems for humans and kitties and I would take him to a rescue centre for rehoming, there will be someone out there who could offer him a home. Cats and humans are supposed to bring each other comfort and love.

MrsEricBana Sun 18-Mar-18 20:47:52

I'm very sorry you are struggling with him. We had food stealing with a much older cat. I thought it was hyperthyroidism but the vet said not because he didn't meet one of the criteria. He tested him anyway and it was that and tablets twice a day helped. 2nd opinion may be worthwhile. Good luck.

Springlove1 Sun 18-Mar-18 21:52:11

Thanks retired, it’s almost a relief to hear someone say this!

Thanks MrsEricBana, I think I will get a second opinion on his thyroid tests because he was borderline.

Tunic Sun 18-Mar-18 21:58:12

Is he actually overweight? If he is eating all this food but not getting fat it suggests that he has a medical problem or maybe you are not giving him enough actual cat food?

Asmadasmax Sun 18-Mar-18 22:00:42

Could he be grumpy and be fighting because he's in pain for whatever reason? Or generally feeling unwell.

I have a friend who has two cats that dont get on, she loves them both, one lives in the conservatory and goes out a lot, one lives in the house and doesn't go out. It works for her- maybe a possibility?

pinkcandy84 Sun 18-Mar-18 22:02:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Springlove1 Sun 18-Mar-18 22:03:19

tunic he is overweight despite me being very careful with the amount of food I give him. It’s all measured out etc and he definitely gets the right amount.

Springlove1 Sun 18-Mar-18 22:05:20

pink he is overweight and yes he’s been neutered. He’s very resourceful. He also brought back a plastic container with cat food in before!

Springlove1 Sun 18-Mar-18 22:07:13

Asmadasmax I often wonder if he is constantly in pain. After he got run over, his mobility is awful and he finds it hard to jump etc.

Asmadasmax Sun 18-Mar-18 22:09:48

Aww bless him sad Maybe have a word with your vet about this, if there's something he could take.

The same friend I mentioned above gives her cat glucosamine for his joints and it seems to help him, do you think that might help cat 1?

pinkcandy84 Sun 18-Mar-18 22:16:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pinkcandy84 Sun 18-Mar-18 22:20:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Want2beme Sun 18-Mar-18 22:57:05

Stealing food is the same as hunting to him. He probably needs to be fed several times a day, and always have access to food. If he was living as a feral, he'd probably eat as much as he could in a day. You could try giving him food in a puzzle feeder as well, I addition to 3 main meals a day. Some cats just need to know that there'll always be food for them. I have one who eats a lot and always pesters me for grub. She always has food down, as I know not having food is a fear of hers. Do you play with him? He'd enjoy that and it'd be a bit of a distraction for him. Don't leave human food out, which is a huge temptation for him. I know that's difficult, as it's your house. Have you got a Felliway plug in? It might help to calm things down between them. If you think he's in pain, ask the vet for a daily painkiller. It just needs a bit of working out, which I know is hard work, but he obviously loves living with you, as he comes home to you everyday.

MrsEricBana Mon 19-Mar-18 09:15:38

Ah I see he's overweight- probably not hyperthyroidism then. Really hope you get to the bottom of it as although it's not his fault it's wearing for you and must be distressing for him.

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