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Osopolar Thu 08-Mar-18 12:29:21

I have had cats my whole life but have always given them supermarket food as that is what my parents did and their parents before them etc. However thinking about it I have no actual idea what is best for them. Are there brands that are better? I love my cats and want them in the best of health for as long as possible so am happy to pay more for better food.

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dementedpixie Thu 08-Mar-18 12:50:33

I give thrive dry now which is 90% meat and grain free. I give cheaper wet food as they won't eat the better stuff - they get Sheba and gourmet perle

viccat Thu 08-Mar-18 15:09:43

There's a long discussion about this in Chat at the moment but yes, definitely lots of better options than supermarket brands.

Wet food is best for various reasons - cheap dry food is the worst thing you can feed them. Look for grain free foods with a high meat content. ZooPlus is a great place to buy from, lots of good brands available there.

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