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What did someone say a ginger cats life aim was?

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smurfy2015 Sun 25-Feb-18 11:16:09

I saw someone mention it somewhere and think it was something about expansion in every direction,

I weighed myself today with cat in my arms and then without cat.

The difference is cat weight she is 12lb so a d-i-e-t may be in the near future for her.

Obligatory pic so you can see how spread out she is. That pic however was taken last Oct so she is bigger since that.

She is 2 at the end of March. Healthy and energetic, goes out for a couple of hours during the day, loves fingers and toes and armpits

Eats at least 2 pouches of soup per day, she has rejected "normal" food and gets a fresh bowl down of water and perfect fit dry food to snack on

Want2beme Sun 25-Feb-18 11:49:59

She is a perfect example of cupboard love. I have one of those too grin

TheLongRider Sun 25-Feb-18 14:07:17

I mentioned it about gingers on one of the NewBoy thread. A ginger's mission in life is to grow upwards and outwards as much as possible!

PhelanThePain Sun 25-Feb-18 14:09:41

grin I didn’t know this was a thing!! Get on that treadmill ginger kitty!

StripySocksAndDocs Sun 25-Feb-18 14:11:38

My ginger was 6kg at last health check. Vet tells me he's not overweight.

He's just really a mini tiger!!

DramaAlpaca Sun 25-Feb-18 14:14:20

The vet's first comment at my ginger boy's last check up was "I bet he doesn't stray far from his food bowl!" blush

PhelanThePain Sun 25-Feb-18 14:16:47


TopBitchoftheWitches Sun 25-Feb-18 14:19:55

I have a male tabby who is quite large.
He doesn't do anything other than sleep and eat.
Even when outdoors he just sleeps on the grass.
He is very lazy grin

FeedtheTree Sun 25-Feb-18 14:28:35

Our ginger is well built. His mission is to trot around ankles and herd whoever he's with towards his food bowl for a top up. He also jumps onto tables to polish off our left overs. Not fussy. Will happily have porridge, tomato sauce, yoghurt, bacon fat.

But he earns his keep in big bear hugs with a throaty purr, and is autistic DS2's guardian and best friend.

PhelanThePain Sun 25-Feb-18 14:35:18

Aww! I’ve always wanted a giant cat but my two are little spritely things.

smurfy2015 Mon 26-Feb-18 16:48:29

@TheLongRider that was it " A ginger's mission in life is to grow upwards and outwards as much as possible!" - im moving in the next few months thats going on my wall in the next house lol

She was found in a pub downtown when she was 6 weeks old, spent a night in the barmaids house as she took her home until they could work out if there was an owner or what to do, no-one ever claimed her and just as well as she firmly attached herself to me the following day when barmaids mum took her down to see if i would like her, the cat id had the previous year had gone missing and was never seen again, I had a theory on that but no proof,

I put my hand into the crate and little "needle nails" as she was nicknamed then clung on so she spent the next 72 hours bonding closely with me, down my top having skin to skin contact. She struggled to eat off a plate so was finger fed, ear dropper gave her kitten milk and she thrived.

She also loved her heatpacks underneath the towels in the crate which was where she spent most of her evenings and nights in first few months.

Il have her 2 years in May and she doesnt know that cats are nocturnal and i dont intend to tell her. She usually settles for bed around 8/9pm and comes to life around 5/6am and often wakes me by snuggling up to me or lying on top of me. She isnt in the crate at this stage, its put away only for when its needed for trips like v-e-t,

She has a cardboard box on the end of my bed she likes (its secured so it cant fall off), she has another on the chair, she likes in my clothes drawers on the open shelving, windowsill to get the coolness of the window with the radiator blasting underneath her or top of fridge or bookcase in bedroom at night, she has access to litter tray in here, food and water and toys. She will sometimes wrap herself around my leg like a koala around a tree.

She also doesnt know that she probably would like most of the food i eat but when i do try and give her wee bits to taste she thinks im "giving" her something so wont take it, which is brilliant as i can eat with her watching and turn away from it less than half a metre away and she hasnt been interested, unless its a blob of butter she sees, then i might as well get out of the way, she is getting into the dish

She tolerates showers as well and has good curosity about the bathroom, she has a shower roughly every 6-8 weeks so that in the event of ever having to do it for her due to accident or injury its not a scary event and its just part of her life, she is in and out of the shower in less than 5 mins and gets wrapped in about 4 towels straight from the tumble dryer

Last night, I was a very bold cat mummy when i trimmed her nails but it was over and done with in 5 mins but boy did she yell, as each paw was done she got a couple of treats - its only in the last couple of hours she is properly speaking to me again. That sounds mad to non pet parents but i know it wont to you.

So @Want2beme sorry i dont understand the term cupboard love? do you love basically the way love cupboards and in and out of them, She doesnt do that apart from getting her paws in at the top of my knicker drawers and occassionally running around the house with a pair of knickers in her mouth

*@TheLongRider*, @StripySocksAndDocs, @DramaAlpaca @TopBitchoftheWitches @FeedtheTree im noting something in common, you all have male cats and i have a female

@FeedtheTree - But he earns his keep in big bear hugs with a throaty purr, and is autistic DS2's guardian and best friend. (love this)

Cats just know, I have several chronic conditions which often leave me paralysed in bed and Honeycomb is the best nurse i could have, she lies on the sore-est part to provide comfort, makes "biscuits" to show love, licks me with her tongue to groom me as one of her own and sometimes just letting her soft body collapse into mine and hold her till i can cry no more and then she tries licking my face or tonguing my ears again

@PhelanThePain Happy to share cat talk with you as im sure your 2 are just as lovely in their own way - definitely not a pain in that way anyhow lol

smurfy2015 Mon 26-Feb-18 16:49:41

@Want2beme cupboard love, that actually was her lying on bedroom floor

Allergictoironing Mon 26-Feb-18 17:31:52

Female ginger cats are comparatively rare, maybe 1 in 4 at best are female, so that's why the majority on this thread are boys. Revel in your cat being rare grin.

"Cupboard love" is a term used to suggest that rather than loving you for yourself, they love you for what you get out of the cupboard i.e. FOOD. Pretty sure that's all my Girlcat tolerates me for grin.

Cats aren't really nocturnal as such, they prefer dawn and dusk - term for this is one of my favorite words, crepuscular. Mine tend to have mad phases at sunrise and early evening, though occasionally they have woken me at 4am (like last night, little bastards) galloping through my bedroom and over & under the bed.

She does look awfully cuddly & affectionate smile

smurfy2015 Tue 27-Feb-18 10:08:27

Aw thats for explaining she is rare.

She takes the odd bout of zoomies which tends to happen mid mornings never evenings or middle of night or early mornings,

The zoomies include coming in/out the bedroom window, running thru bedroom into the hall, into the living room, bouncing on the sofa, up into the front window and howling at the window then bouncing off sofa again and running into kitchen so she skids into the cookers and back around with a swerve/skid as she goes around the corner back into the hallway and thru the bedroom and along the headboard, top of the bookcase, top of the curtain rail, climbs down the curtains, down on the floor and back up to the open window and repeat roughly same pattern a couple of times and then just look at me as if im the one acting odd.

She is very cuddly and affectionate, She wakes me from sleep paralysis on a regular basis, its the sensation of cat tonguing my big toes or sticking tongue in my ears or up my nostrils, it helps me break free from it,

I also use her as a heat pack and cuddle her sometimes for vibrations to help me sleep, she moves once i drift off.

With chronic pain, i often wake with her lying across a painful part providing the right level of pressure, massage (making biscuits) vibration and warmth

smurfy2015 Tue 27-Feb-18 10:11:22

I dont keep her food in a cupboard so didnt have a clue of the term, i box of food at a time under teh bed, 1 bag of dry food encased in a large xiplock bag outside packing, sports bottle which i refill with water so i can just top up her water by squirting so in very easily

smurfy2015 Tue 27-Feb-18 10:15:59

I was also making a list for next time someone else has to take care of her - we have practice runs - i was shocked when i realised how many of the treats were the ones she loves - as well as dreamies, felix fun sauces, natural nosh,

Can see how she got so BIG?




smurfy2015 Tue 27-Feb-18 10:17:09

The catnip snack pockets from Sainsburys go down well with her.

WaxOnFeckOff Tue 27-Feb-18 10:55:26

Neighbours of ours had a young ginger tom. he was an arsehole. Forever breaking into everyone's houses and stealing their cat's food. And I mean coming in upstairs windows, breaking into a microchip cat flap and generally being a food pest. You couldn't have your door open at all, nor windows or have anything on a windowsill that you weren't happy to have broken. He also delighted in marking his territory at the same time and obviously freaking out all the other street moggies in their own homes.

One day he just disappeared. We weren't sorry.

Wax cat has become quite rotund lately, she also has a taste for creamy soups and moving as little as possible.

smurfy2015 Tue 27-Feb-18 11:49:52

Honeycomb is quite happy to move until she is exhausted which can take 25-30 mins of active play where i wave a grabber with some string tied to it and knots tied in the string, she goes beserk for that. Thats very active.

She came in about 15 mins ago doing zoomies and ran into the living room door so hard on her way thru it hit her on her way back, she just looked stunned for a second and then started trying to attack it by the door handle pushing the door rather than pulling, she knows to pull as well as i leave doors slightly ajar so she can open with a paw when needed

I can hear her as i type, she is outside on the back fence, teasing the dog at the house behind me, he is only a wee thing and so she leaps from fence to gate, to other fence to gatepost and over and back above his head while he yaps below her, then sometimes she will hop down at the other side of his area and then up out of his way as he comes nearer, wee git

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