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Maine Coon or Ragdoll?

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WhyBeDennyDifferent Sat 24-Feb-18 15:10:11

We desperately want a family cat but I just can’t make my mind up, they are both so beautiful.
Has anyone got either breed? I know more about ragdolls but haven’t had much experience with a Maine.

Help me decide!

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IHaveBrilloHair Sat 24-Feb-18 15:15:47

Ive got a half Maine coon, but he has the looks and every trait of a full one.
He's gorgeous, I adore him but he's huge, fluffy, really stupid and is like a big baby, he honestly cries to be picked up and carried constantly, wants to sleep in my/dd's bed, under the covers, head on pillow.
Gorgeous cats, but definitely not the type to do their own thing, you'll need a good Hoover too, the fluff gets everywhere.

WhyBeDennyDifferent Sat 24-Feb-18 15:18:53

He sounds absolutely adorable grin are most Maine’s that needy do you know?

Ps photos are always welcome!

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mummyhaschangedhername Sat 24-Feb-18 15:36:47

I have birman's which are similar to ragdolls and also very affectionate and part of the family. Go see some breeders though, a lot is to do with how they are raised, our are raised in the family so they are so lovely.

IHaveBrilloHair Sat 24-Feb-18 15:42:46

Zazzles in a box.
He looks quite small here, I wish!

Spangles7 Sat 24-Feb-18 15:43:07

Six month old ragdoll boy, huge and gorgeous, so easy going. My little girls carry him around like a baby doll and he loves it. Likes to play fetch, brings me his toys like a puppy. No experience of Maine Coons to compare but I've had many moggies before. is a good site and has a Ragdoll of the Week slot I aspire to smile

WhyBeDennyDifferent Sat 24-Feb-18 15:43:39

Oh no, don’t add more breeds in to the mix!
I think I’ve found a good breeder for a ragdoll. I’ve never bought a breed before so wasn’t sure what I was looking for but she insisted we come and visit her cats. She does all the health tests, neuters etc and makes you sign a contract to say you will always care for the cat. She seems very passionate anyway.

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WhyBeDennyDifferent Sat 24-Feb-18 15:44:48

Gorgeous! I love the little dot on his nose.

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Allergictoironing Sat 24-Feb-18 17:03:57

You could always look at a breed rescue rather than getting a kitten from a breeder? Toddlerteaplease got her two gorgeous Persians from a breed rescue.

You'd have the advantage then of knowing exactly what you are getting, whereas with a kitten you never really know what they will be like as adults.

follybodger Sat 24-Feb-18 17:18:57

I have more than one of each. 3 coons and 2 rags. The ragdolls can sometimes be as needy as the coons. I love them all so no help!

SleepingInNewYork Sat 24-Feb-18 17:21:11

I’ve had three Ragdolls (only have two now) and a Maine Coon. I think Ragdolls are very gentle and sweet matured whereas Maine Coons can be more demanding and feistier. Both are family cats and I am sure you will be very happy with whichever breed you decide to go for.

Finola1step Sat 24-Feb-18 17:23:45

My sister has a Maine Coon. Huge and fluffy. Big back paws. Very attached to my sister. Likes lots of company but on her terms. Likes her indoor comforts. Is needy in comparison to your average cat but is very affectionate too. Very vocal.

loverofcake983 Sat 24-Feb-18 17:27:58

I have a four year old Maine coon. He's thick as shit and is VERY vocal. Sometimes aloof and grumpy but catch the lordship when he's In a good mood and he's a soppy old thing. Looks a bit rough here as he kept biting me when I was trying to brush him so gave up haha

IHaveBrilloHair Sat 24-Feb-18 18:33:26

Oh yes, very, very vocal.
My idiot lovely boy will cry to be picked up and put on the bed, just because.
He loves his brushies though, and tries to take over the turn of the other cats, probably because he wants all of the attention for himself.

IHaveBrilloHair Sat 24-Feb-18 18:37:53

He's one of four cats and whilst I worship love them all equally my secret favourite is my little plain black mog.
Everyone who comes to my house wants Zazzles though because he is the 'best looking'.

FuckMyUterus Sat 24-Feb-18 18:47:08

My Maine Coon cross with a 6 week old kitten for reference (and cuteness). He is a boz eyed, grumpy, moody arsehole of a cat. We love him dearly though, although he is very much an outdoor cat, and even in the winter only really comes home at night, in summer we can not see him for days at a time.

RandomMess Sat 24-Feb-18 19:01:34

Neither, both breeds can be utterly neurotic and both over bred in recent years due to popularity!!

Why not regime a rescue? In fact why don't you look at their breed sites and look at rehoming one - generally ex queens that are no longer wanted...

DontMentionTheWar Sat 24-Feb-18 19:03:39

I have a Ragdoll, she is adorable. She is sweet and gentle at all times, very cuddly and loving. She follows me from room to room just to keep me in sight and when I go out she misses me - even though she has company as I have a British Shorthair as well - and she runs to the door to greet me when I come in. She has never been a moment's trouble, sleeps on the end of my bed and gets on really well with my other cat. I love all cats but I think Ragdolls are special, they are beautiful to look at but it's their nature that is so wonderful.

Just a word of warning though. You really need company for a Ragdoll, they get lonely on their own. As long as there is either a human, cat or dog for company they are fine though. They are also bred to be house cats and it really isn't a good idea to let them out as they are so gentle and placid they will go up to dogs and other, aggressive cats.

DumbledoresApprentice Sat 24-Feb-18 19:10:21

I have a MC from a rescue and she is the sweetest, gentlest cat I’ve ever known. I know someone who has a pedigree MC from a breeder that is lovely but highly neurotic with massive toileting issues.

DumbledoresApprentice Sat 24-Feb-18 19:11:38

The point I was trying to make being that breed isn’t a particularly reliable indicator of temperament in a cat.

YouCantBeSirius Sat 24-Feb-18 19:16:48

I had a lovely huge Maine Coon boy. He was lovely, clever, loved to play fetch and go for walks on a harness. He was very loving and great with kids.

IHaveBrilloHair Sat 24-Feb-18 19:21:39

I do think they are becoming popular, dickheads on FB groups tell me this.
I think people want a cuddly teddy cat for their kids.
Mine is a cuddly teddy cat but it's his demand choice and my Dd is old enough to know how to treat cats, she's 16.
I cracked up recently when someone was trying to sell half ragdolls for £500 each. They looked like mogs, which they are!

loverofcake983 Sat 24-Feb-18 19:27:00

I've also rehomed a ex queen Maine coon. Was a silver tabby and beautiful. Before I had her I toyed with the idea between a Maine Coon a rag doll but went for the Maine coon.

RandomMess Sat 24-Feb-18 19:35:11

Advantage of taking on an adult is that you get a feel for their personality...

Seriously MIL has had one lovely chilled rag doll the other 3 were most certainly not, same with her Maine's- half neurotic half chilled breed is no guarantee of temperament.

WhyBeDennyDifferent Sat 24-Feb-18 19:51:13

I’m a sahm and planning on returning to work part time hours so hopefully loneliness won’t be a problem. I’ve got an old black moggy but he keeps himself to himself so wouldn’t be great company for new cat. I think when old cat goes I will get a rescue ragdoll or similar but DH and the kids are desperate for a kitten this time.

Obviously a neurotic cat isn’t ideal but I could cope. I’ve always had moggies and they’ve not been without their issues. Would definitely keep it as a house cat.

I think I’m still stuck on ragdolls though! The coat of the Maine coon looks to be a touch more work than ragdoll which I’ll admit does put me off.

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