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namechanger456 Thu 22-Feb-18 06:37:46

Hi, my OH has a very old cat with diabetes. He has always had insurance so it’s covered, but he is trying to work out whether it is possible to claim for all of the glucose strips and needles. It does add up. Animal Friends have very vague wording in their website. I would ring them up but I have to be specifically named to discuss the policy and he is useless at getting things done. Anybody ever had any joy claiming for this sort of thing? Many thanks smile

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Lonecatwithkitten Thu 22-Feb-18 10:55:04

As a vet who signs off thousands of insurance claims when the needles and strips are purchased from the practice, yes we claim for these and yes they are paid.
If he is purchasing from somewhere else it will depend on his individual policy and is likely to be detailed in the printed policy document he will get each year.

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