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Experiences of last few months - hyperthyroidism

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ifonly4 Wed 21-Feb-18 10:53:23

If anyone has lost a cat with hyperthyroidism, can you tell me what the last few months were like. Also, did the hyperthyroidism contribute to the end of their life or another issue?

Lottie has had hyperthyroidism for two years, easy to control so far. Despite no physical signs for vet or myself, a recent blood test showed her hyperthyroid levels were back up at 129, so strength of medication increased. She was retested last week and her levels are 100, so medication has been upped again. This time examination revealed a 20% weight loss in a month and heart murmur. Alongside this she's had some sort of irritation in mouth/face/ears - no obvious physical signs so vet has given her a steroid initially to help with irritation/inflammation.

I feel she's slowly going downhill as she's bony, also gets confused and paces a lot (which I know can be down to hyperthyroidism but I think it's old age). She's had the odd day over the last month where she seems to want food but then doesn't - as her T4 levels are high she should be eating well, hence my concern.

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ForgiveMeFatherForIHaveGinned Fri 23-Feb-18 20:58:03

My cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in October last year and we sadly lost her in January 😔

She went downhill quite quickly as she had secondary heart disease and kidney failure, then she started losing the use of her back legs properly. So we had to make the sad decision to have her put to sleep. In her personality she was still the same lovable cat over the last few months, but with no energy for playing and stopped going outside, and also not as much of an appetite.

My vet did say to me that she could have lived for much longer had it just been hyperthyroidism, but all of the illnesses put together were just too much for her in the end.

Hope yours manages to pull through for a while longer yet!

AnnaMagnani Fri 23-Feb-18 21:46:29

Beloved deceased cat lived very happily with her hyperthyroidism for about 2 years. With hindsight she possibly slowed down a bit before she died but we didn't really notice at the time.

One day she had her lunch and then went out for the afternoon. She never came back in for her tea. As this was entirely out of character we instantly knew something was terribly wrong.

Our neighbour found her in his garage dead the following day. She just laid down and died that previous day.

ifonly4 Tue 27-Feb-18 11:42:23

Thanks for your replies and sharing the end stages of your much loved cats.

Much to my relief, she has settled down. I guess the steroid helped whatever was irritating her face and maybe the increase in hyperthyroid medication is settling her a bit. She's having the odd day when she won't eat much, but overall she's much better. I really thought I was going to lose her. However, I'm aware the next few months probably won't be easy as she's 18.5 years.

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