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Missing Cat

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MollyMoll Sat 17-Feb-18 09:28:00

I've been reading all these messages out loud to DH just now. We are still missing our beautiful long-haired tabby girl, Ush, ten days after she went out at 7pm and didn't come back. She never did this kind of thing, although she loved hunting. But never more than 5 houses either way down our street. We only ever let her out at the back where there is a small river which runs down behind the gardens (she has fallen in twice but gets back out again!) as the front of the house has cars etc. We think she must have been spooked by a fox on the bank and managed to get all the way own the back of 20 houses or so onto the road. We saw her the next day run from under a car, and so did our neighbours, we went with her bowl and tried to coax her from a shed roof but as soon as I tried to get up there and she ran off. We kick ourselves, I do especially, as we didn't know how slowly you have to move at that stage. We went into the other houses, into their gardens and got no sign or sound from her. We hoped she would find her way home. I put baited cat traps from a cat charity out after three days, one in the back and one at the front of the house, but nothing has gone in there, not even a rat! We have flyered all the houses, searched in as many gardens as we can, put posters up on the streets around our house, but not further than a quarter of a mile radius seeing as the gardens she was last seen in are in a kind of square and back onto each other, giving plenty of hiding places etc. I have a hunch she's still there, or on the river bank at the back of our houses, hiding or hurt. I dream about finding her most nights, I dreamt that our beloved dog went missing too last night (they are BEST friends and the dog misses her so much, always sniffing, waiting by the back door). What more can I do? I'm so worried she's trapped and that we'll never know. Any help greatly appreciated. She is 2 and a half, and chipped and neutered.

sportyfool Sat 17-Feb-18 09:35:31

I would be out there every day searching section by section if it were my cat. I hope she comes back though .

Want2beme Sat 17-Feb-18 09:39:30

You must be so worried. Really sorry you're going through this. Have you told your vet that she's gone missing? Have you posted her details on lost pet websites. I don't live in the UK, so don't know which site is best, but someone on the litter tray will know. Ask your nearest cat rescue for their advise. I think you're right that she's out there, probably waiting for her opportunity to get back to you. I hope she returns soon flowers

MollyMoll Sat 17-Feb-18 09:51:15

We have been, every day, every morning, every night. But there are only so many times you can intrude on your neighbours to let you into their gardens. We look in the middle of the night, under cars too.

MollyMoll Sat 17-Feb-18 09:53:43

Thank you. We're desperate. We've printed off 100 more flyers this morning to put through letter boxes. We've warned our neighbours we're going to ask again if we can search their gardens. Yes, I've told both the vets in our area, I've logged her missing with Battersea Dogs and Cats, I've registered her on petlog, phoned the microchip company, tried everything. I've got posters on five facebook sites. I feel so sleep deprived I think I'm going to go mad.

Want2beme Sat 17-Feb-18 10:23:12

You're doing everything possible. You can only wait now for when she's ready to come back. We all know how contrary cats are and she'll only do what she wants to do. They can get so spooked when they find themselves in difficult circumstances. Your not sleeping will be adding to your stress, so try to get 40 winks when you can. If they only knew the heartache they can cause, little horrors.

MollyMoll Sat 17-Feb-18 10:54:56

Want2beme Thank you. That's reassuring. I torture myself reading other people's accounts of their cats going missing, and it's pretty hard to think about anything else. Thanks so much for your kind words.

pilates Sun 18-Feb-18 18:06:49

Molly, you cannot do any more than you are doing. I have read many stories of cats that are found weeks, months and years later. I can’t imagine how awful it is for you 💐

pinkhousesarebest Sun 18-Feb-18 20:47:52

So hope you get some news. I am so sorry you are going through this, there is nothing worse than uncertainty. You have done everything you can and can reproach yourself nothing. Look after yourself.

EachandEveryone Mon 19-Feb-18 01:46:55

Fingers crossed for you. Sounds like she is around your area at least. God, they are so bloody stubborn!

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