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Does my cat have special powers?

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TheSecondOfHerName Tue 13-Feb-18 19:59:04

I sometimes suffer from mild aches and pains in my knees and hips, so after walking around all day I usually spend at least part of the evening lying on the sofa.

We adopted a small cat a couple of months ago and she likes to sleep on me in the evenings. The warmth helps with the pain, so we're both happy.

I've noticed that she tends to sleep nearest whichever joint currently hurts. So today my left knee was hurting, and this evening she has curled up on my left knee and thigh.

I have a targeted pain relief cat!

iklboo Tue 13-Feb-18 20:02:02


Ahem. As you were. Hope your aches & pains feel better soon. smile

Longdistance Tue 13-Feb-18 20:06:10

Beautiful kitty 😻

I do love her toe fluff too. Yes, I think she’s very happy, and she has a great connection to you.

Want2beme Tue 13-Feb-18 20:33:11

Course she has special powers. That's why there are so many cat slaves in the worldwink

ScreamingValenta Tue 13-Feb-18 20:35:52

Beautiful puss and obviously very intuitive!

Ski37 Tue 13-Feb-18 21:00:35

Yes of course she does!
My cat never sat on my lap, ever, up until I injured my back. He then spent the next few days and nights stuck to me like glue, including sleeping next to me /on me which he had never, ever, done before. As I started to get better he gradually went back to being his normal little hairy maniac self but even now if I’m in the sofa and put a blanket on my knee he is straight up there checking I am ok ! ( and I never do this just to get him on my lap, honest 😂😂😂😂😂)
They know!

Snowydaysarehere Tue 13-Feb-18 21:02:27

She has likely melted your pain away she is so adorable. You are very lucky op!!

Allergictoironing Tue 13-Feb-18 21:09:24

She's a cat, so by definition she's magical. But if she purrs a lot, that could be helping with your pains as I've been told that the vibrations of a cat's purr can encourage the body to heal. Plus of course the instant heat pack won't be hurting the situation grin.

BexleyRae Tue 13-Feb-18 21:15:37

I want a pain relief cat! I have bad hips and have to use a hot water bottle, a cat would be so convenient.
Stares at useless non pain relieving house rabbit

jedenfalls Tue 13-Feb-18 21:27:11

My cat lays on my head when I had a migraine.

I can’t say that it helps but is is cute. She’s a little asshat most of the time, but not if I’m ill.

Toddlerteaplease Tue 13-Feb-18 22:38:10

When I had MS treatment my cat never left my side when I came home.

safeeuropeanhome Wed 14-Feb-18 00:14:52

I wonder if inflammation in your knee made it warmer for your cat. Never underestimate self-interest when it comes to cats! Cat healer is a nicer explanation.

Ollivander84 Wed 14-Feb-18 23:19:46

When I came home from hospital after spinal surgery (first time I had left my cat!) he said "mama" very clearly and I got it on video
First time he's ever done it grin now I can't shut him up

Weedsnseeds1 Thu 15-Feb-18 21:53:42

You wouldn't want my boy lying on your schedule and pains, two minutes with him on your lap and your legs go numb!
I was going to suggest that's she's just targeting the warm patches where you have inflammation too grin

TheSecondOfHerName Thu 15-Feb-18 22:00:46

Luckily she is just under 3kg, so quite a convenient size for heat therapy.

mirren3 Thu 15-Feb-18 22:20:32

She is the cutest wee kitty, I'm kitten sitting for a friend and she does similar to me but not to my friend. Although here I think she does it to wind up the Labrador who isn't allowed up.

LanguidLobster Thu 15-Feb-18 22:27:54

She is beautiful, love her little pink nose.

Sometimes I think cats are more empathic than they're given credit for (only after they've been fed and can turn their minds to other matters, of course).

Hope she eases inflammation pain tonight

HellonHeels Sat 24-Feb-18 19:35:38

A few years ago I had a horrifically painful kidney infection. I lay on the sofa every day and one of my cats would immediately get on me and lie on the painful bit. Super soothing.

DumbledoresApprentice Sat 24-Feb-18 20:16:28

She reminds me of my cat. I think the PP who said that a sore joint is likely to be warmer is probably onto something. It’s lovely having a cuddly cat though.

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