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Good quality cat food that cats will eat

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IntoTheFloodAgain Mon 12-Feb-18 22:00:09

My 3 cats will only eat gourmet, the pate in particular but also some sachets.

I have tried to get them on Natures menu and similar types, they eat the odd sachet but most of it ends up in the bin. So up to now I’ve thought it’s better they eat Gourmet than nothing at all.

One of my cats (black and white) has started getting a copper tint in his fur, which without googling I can’t remember what its called but it indicates a meat deficiency in their diet.

I’m at a loss on what to start feeding them.

If I change one diet I have to change all as they will all eat out of each others bowls, so B&W cat will just eat the pate if I put it out for the other two. But a good quality food will benefit them all anyway.

They don’t seem to like chunks (even when I’ve mashed the chunks up), they will sometimes eat flakes in gravy but it’s mainly pate.

I’ve tried a mousse type on them most recently, which they don’t like (I think it’s called little big paws), and lots of others in the past.

The gourmet pate is very soft, so I don’t know if its the consistency they prefer or the flavours.

I have tried mixing the gourmet with natures menu a bit, but they leave it, it dries out then goes in the bin.

I’ve only tried ones you can get at pets at home and kennelgate, none that are zooplus only for eg so would love some suggestions if anyone has any?

They have grain free dry food available at all times, but only one of the cats likes dry food so any wet suggestions please.

Els1e Tue 13-Feb-18 07:47:41

I would suggest trying some fresh food, chicken, fish, sardines. It doesn’t work out any more expensive than buying commercial food. I mix the fresh with good quality dry (royal canin).

Vinorosso74 Tue 13-Feb-18 09:29:30

Our new lad likes the Thrive complete wet-it's not the cheapest but actually looks like chicken etc. Alternatively boiled chicken or turkey breast is good.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Tue 13-Feb-18 09:39:00

* would suggest trying some fresh food, chicken, fish, sardines. It doesn’t work out any more expensive than buying commercial food. I mix the fresh with good quality dry (royal canin).*

If you are going to do this make sure the cats are getting the rigth nutrients as cat food contains essential nutrients that 'human food' doesn't.

Mine eats Natures Menu and I've noticed that his fur isn't as black as it used to be. He's had blood tests and is fine so I'm putting it down to an age thing. I'm now of the opinion that if he likes something and he eats it then he can have it.

DeleteOrDecay Tue 13-Feb-18 09:42:40

We use Grau from Zooplus for our boy. He's still on kitten food currently which is definitely like a pate but I can't comment on what the adult food is like.

There's loads of choice on Zooplus though, I'm sure you'll find something they will eat on there.

IntoTheFloodAgain Tue 13-Feb-18 11:18:11

They don’t like human food apart from tuna and mackarel which I know isn’t great in high quantities Thrive one sounds good, they do like the Appleaws which is like plain shredded chicken but its not complete. If it’s shredded I might give it a go.
Thanks all

HardAsSnails Tue 13-Feb-18 12:09:33

I've just moved my old cat off pouches & grain-free dry to grain-free tins. He is loving Catz Finefood tins from Zooplus which are a coarse pate texture.

Bamaluz Tue 13-Feb-18 14:42:10

My fussy cat would only eat Gourmet, but it has sugar in it and his teeth aren't great so I wanted to change it. After much experimentation, i.e lots of unliked food ending up in the bin, he's on Naturo
The texture is similar to Gourmet. I buy it from Wilkos, it's 50p a pot if you wanted to buy a couple to try to see if they like it.

scaryteacher Tue 13-Feb-18 15:56:20

My poicky horrors like Iams pouches - we have the ones in gravy for tea and the ones in jelly for breakfast, and I am not allowed to mix them up!

Mine don't like fish, so I but the 'land' flavours - chicken, beef and lamb. They are also partial to an aluminium tray of Sheba for a midnight snack.

Vinorosso74 Tue 13-Feb-18 16:17:08

The Thrive food is shredded. Vets often sell individual tins of you want to try before bulk buying!

hellocanyouhelp Tue 13-Feb-18 19:37:32

We foster and have had loads of cats through us and all of them have loved James Wellbelloved. We feed the dried (turkey has been the favourite). They also have wet food to go with it as well.

Els1e Wed 14-Feb-18 00:17:19

I appreciate that my suggestion has been dismissed. Eric, my rescue cat from RSPCA with health issues age 10 months, has done fine. Now age 19, his fur is great with no change of colour and all his own teeth.

AtSea1979 Wed 14-Feb-18 00:19:58

Mine eat Encore and Applaws. But it’s not complete, so you need to supplement with dry food.

Broken11Girl Wed 14-Feb-18 00:35:32

Applaws, Encore, Thrive and Cannigans here.

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