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My cats confuse me!!

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Tickety7 Thu 01-Feb-18 11:19:00

I have two gorgeous 8 month old kitties.

Our boy, Oliver (fatty) and our girl, Arya.
Our boy seemed desperate to go outside. We was adamant that we was keeping them as indoor cats, but our vets said that they will tell us! Oliver sure did that. He would leg it out of the house every time we opened a door, we'd bring him back in, the works! Then we decided to make sure their flea treatment was up to date, have them wormed again and let them try it outside.

A couple of days ago, we let Oliver out for the first time. Arya went out too as she was curious. She loves it, although is very jumpy and doesn't enjoy being out for long. Oliver went out for a while too. This is where I am baffled. Oliver will no longer take a step outside. He doesn't run for the door when it's open anymore and if he sits on the step and we close the door, he will sit there until we let him back in.

Arya was very friendly when our neighbours cat come over to our garden to meet them, but Oliver started hissing at her until she left the garden. This was when we first let him out.

So whats the deal here? Has he had a taste for the outdoors and realised it wasn't what it was cracked up to be? Is he scared? Arya, the one that never showed any interest in going out, loves having a quick run about then coming back in. Perhaps it's too cold for them?

What do you lovely lot think?

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Want2beme Thu 01-Feb-18 11:35:44

Well, quite honestly, who knows what goes on in a cats head? The longer I have cats in my life the more I realise that they just keep me guessing. Oliver may have been spooked when he was out before, but he may also just be content to be inside for the foreseeable. As your vet said, they'll let you know what they want, after all, they're in chargewink and they will not be persuaded otherwise. I wouldn't worry too much, just keep an eye on him and see if you can spot anything lurking in the garden that might be troubling him. He may be very territorial and wants to stay close by.

Thanks for the pics. They're beautiful floofs.

sm40 Thu 01-Feb-18 11:57:18

Could just be more scary than he thought. Or the weather. My 2 only seem to go out to the loo in the winter but in the summer one of the cats lives under a bush. Let him explore in his own time. If it is due to another cat (who now has a rival in 'their' territory) get a water pistol ready.
But yes cats do what they want. There usually is no logic!

sm40 Thu 01-Feb-18 12:00:26

Now I've re read your message your neighbours cat seems nice so feel mean with the water pistol comment!! Usually saved for the tormentors that terrorise! They need to establish their hierarchy.

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