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Why do people pay for pedigree?

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Greensleeves Tue 30-Jan-18 13:22:46

I'm not being inflammatory, I'm genuinely curious

What are the benefits of having registered pedigree animals as opposed to bog-standard moggies? People pay hundreds of pounds for them, so there must be some advantage? Are they better in some way?

Nomorerainplease Tue 30-Jan-18 13:25:12

I am looking for a hypoallergenic Cat so particular breeds (Siberian/Russian blue/Bengal). I would rather not pay hundreds of pounds but it’s looking like the only way..

thethoughtfox Tue 30-Jan-18 13:28:19

I live near a very busy road so wanted a cat suited to being a house cat. Everything about the temperament of a Persian cat was exactly the right match for our family and lifestyle.

FallenAngel89 Tue 30-Jan-18 13:29:25

I have a pedigree Lhaso but I didn't seek a pedigree dog, the owners owned both mum and dad and didn't seek to make much profit on her. She came with kennel club papers etc but I didn't register her. She's also spayed as I didn't intend to breed her. I also have a cross breed chihuahua. I suppose it only matters if you intend to show or breed the dog.

ColinFlower Tue 30-Jan-18 13:32:35

I'm looking for a ragdoll because it ticks all my boxes in what I want from a cat.
All personalities are different but there are certain characteristics that you get from each breed.

llangennith Tue 30-Jan-18 13:34:47

I wanted a small breed that’s known to be gentle so bought a Cavalier. She’s very placid.

Chewbecca Tue 30-Jan-18 13:39:17

To determine the characteristics of the cat to some extent.

Greensleeves Tue 30-Jan-18 13:42:27

Ah, ok so it's about temperament and characteristics? What happens if you pay £600 for a pedigree cat from a calm, placid breed and it's an utter hellion?

PinkSparklyPussyCat Tue 30-Jan-18 14:23:39

Even if I wanted a pedigree I'd still rather adopt from a breed rescue to be honest. There are so many cats needing a home it seems a shame to encourage breeding.

Toddlerteaplease Tue 30-Jan-18 16:30:50

I've got rescue Persians. I had no idea specialist rescues existed, until I came across mine on Facebook. My Persians were breeding machines in a kitten farm. It's completely stunted them and one of them has heart disease, which she has almost certainly passed on to many of the kittens she had.
Rant over. People buying kittens makes me really sad. When there are loads in rescues.

Wolfiefan Tue 30-Jan-18 16:33:57

There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic cat. confused Many people are allergic to saliva etc. not just fur type.
I would love a Siamese. They aren't like moggies at all.

TroysMammy Tue 30-Jan-18 16:38:59

My mother had a Siamese because a friend, in my mother's mind had an ugly black cat and her friend used to say to him "who's Mam's handsome boy?"

My mother knew what an adult Siamese would look like but a cute moggy kitten could have grown up to look like "handsome boy".

As a side note, although the Siamese was majestic looking I hated the little shit and the feeling was mutual.

TheWelshDragon Tue 30-Jan-18 16:40:04

I have both but wanted a Siamese because they fascinate me, both their personalities and their looks. However I did rehome one that needed a new home.

tailspin Tue 30-Jan-18 16:41:08

We really wanted to adopt but have to have a house cat because of where we live, and even though I follow endless shelters on Facebook / phoned regularly they just never ever ever have house cats.

Nomorerainplease Tue 30-Jan-18 16:43:04

I know. Was posting quickly didn’t realise had to justify myself! But those breeds produce less fel d 1 protein and we have tried him with them, and he def reacts less. Would much rather get a moggie.

Nomorerainplease Tue 30-Jan-18 16:44:03

Ps am staking the welfare pages looking for a rescue of one of these breeds!

Wolfiefan Tue 30-Jan-18 16:46:01

Unfortunately if you are allergic then that allergy can get worse. It might get better. But it could escalate.

CannotEvenThink Tue 30-Jan-18 16:47:50

interest mostly I think. We had a posh cat growing up, then a moggy after he died. My sister has 2 posh ones and 2 rescue moggy cats. She loves the characteristics of her pedigrees and their markings. I'm not fussed, I have my rescue puss, he suits us just fine. We spent plenty of time at the rescue making sure we got one who would fit in well. Picture because you need pictures on a pet thread.

Nomorerainplease Tue 30-Jan-18 17:14:29

Thanks. I realise that, as a medic.

Potentialmadcatlady Tue 30-Jan-18 17:20:35

I have a pedigree cat specifically chosen to ‘help’ my foster cats. Her breed only thrive in multi animal homes and are v v (over) friendly to other animals and basically don’t take no for an answer. She has helped three long term fosters so far and will hopefully help many more.

Sunshine49 Tue 30-Jan-18 17:26:08

Personally I prefer moggies, but I think I'm biased as I had several beloved moggie cats growing up, who were all lovely and real characters! I actually think they're often just as good-looking as the pedigree cats as well, if not more so.

I have to admit that Siamese are my weak spot though - they are absolutely beautiful cats. The one I've met (hardly a representative sample, admittedly) was affectionate but very temperamental. She also dug her claws into me and wouldn't let go, which I wasn't so keen on - ouch!

betgilroy Tue 30-Jan-18 17:26:59

Mine are pedigree (ragdolls) but from a rescue. I wouldn't pay £500 for a kitten when so many need homes.
Grew up with moggies and mongrels.

What really bugs me is how many people spend ££££ on 'trendy' mongrels now - cockapoo's, labradoodles , frugs, etc etc.
Crazy. A few years ago they'd just be standard mongrels/mix breeds without the daft price tag.

Rudgie47 Tue 30-Jan-18 17:56:38

I cant pay for a pedigree cat when there are so many cats and kittens in rescue needing homes or get destroyed every year.
If anyone wants a pedigree just tell the local cat rescue places, loads come in wanting new homes.

Toddlerteaplease Tue 30-Jan-18 19:42:41

My rescue Persians.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Tue 30-Jan-18 20:32:25

I love the one of them both together! They are such gorgeous girls and I hate to think of what they went through before they were rescued. I'm glad they've fallen on their paws with you.

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