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Dominant cat bullying everyone

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ChickenPaws Tue 23-Jan-18 11:03:13

My youngest cat has always been super confident and is very bright. She came from a good home as a kitten and has never known a moments hardship.

I have two other rescue cats whom she bosses around and intimidates. My female growls and hisses at her and the male is very laid back, but will give her a clout if she hits him or jumps on him. They both came from a neglected background.

If we have visitors to the house she sits on them and will scratch them and refuse to move. If the postman or parcel man comes, she sits on the windowsill and growls at him.

She bangs on ds2’s bedroom door to be let in during the night and wakes him up.

I have a feliway diffuser set up and the older female is on cystease for her nerves.

She has access to a garden and toys etc. She has nice food and a comfy bed on the window sill to monitor goings on in the street.

She is just a bossy madam. She has also figured out a way of removing her collars. She has to wear a collar with a bell on so we know where she is and if she’s coming. This gives my older female time to get into her ‘safety basket’ on the kitchen table.

Is there anything I can do to help bring her back into line so to speak? I don’t like shouting at her, but what do I do when she jumps on the others?

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TheLongRider Tue 23-Jan-18 14:57:04

I had a tabby female who was like this from the moment she entered the house until she had to take her final visit to the vets aged 15. She just was an insecure bossy beast.

She didn't like being sprayed with water do that kept her off the countertop. If she was buying a human, a firm NO! and being put down in the floor helped. As regards the other cats, they mostly learned to stay out of the way. If she was really good obnoxious she would be placed outside/ in a different room to give the other cat a chance to recover.

It's like dealing with a willful toddler!

TheLongRider Wed 24-Jan-18 21:35:45

Just spotted all the typos.

*do / so
*buying / biting
* good / very

Want2beme Thu 25-Jan-18 10:48:45

I have one of these in my house and I don't know what to do either. Wish I could find a cat whisperer to sort her out confused

flumpybear Thu 25-Jan-18 10:52:52

Want - I have the male counterpart of yorncat .... and he's as soft as a brush most of the time but a tiger When he's supporting his territory or family lol

I'd say use water spray, no and putting them outside if they're being naughty

Want2beme Thu 25-Jan-18 11:47:05

flumpy she loves people and is fine with other cats, it's just my other cat, who is very timid, she wants to destroyhmm

My old boy who was PTS last year, put manners on her, but nothing will stop her from still trying to batter the other one! I'll give the water spray a try, when I'm feeling brave enoughwink

TheLongRider Fri 26-Jan-18 09:25:19

@Want2beme We had exactly the same scenario. We ended up with an indoor cat who had the run of the house, she looked very like your white cat except with black splodges, the tabby wagon had the kitchen and the outdoors. Any time they met there would be a fight. If we kept them separately it was fine, they'd glower at each other through the glass door. White cat didn't mind being indoors, she was an old lady and she'd had her time of being boss mog.

We did use a plant mister as a water sprayer, it worked but you have to catch them doing stuff. It got to the stage that if the cat heard the sprayer being shaken, with the water sloshing inside, she would stop what she was doing and reconsider!

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