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Adopting next week

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AlexaAmbidextra Thu 18-Jan-18 22:11:42

Having had cats for many, many years I have been cat free for the last two years. I'm adopting next week and I'm nervous. So worried that she will be sad to leave her present home and that she will be unhappy with me. I'm really fretting. confused. I'm just being a silly cow aren't I?

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ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Thu 18-Jan-18 22:13:59

She Will be great!! Cats are ace, she will settle in in no time. Pics when you get her please!

Weedsnseeds1 Thu 18-Jan-18 23:13:02

Congratulations, you will be a complete household soon!

Want2beme Thu 18-Jan-18 23:48:42

Cat slaves never forget how to make their overlords happygrin She'll settle in in no time. Welcome back!

AlexaAmbidextra Fri 19-Jan-18 00:21:50

I've always had Siamese but this little girl is a ragdoll. Very different I assume. At least, I don't think she'll be a shouter who has to have the last word. 😸

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