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Does anyone have a cat flu survivor with corneal damage?

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Megabeth Wed 03-Jan-18 18:33:24

We adopted two brothers when they were 16 weeks. One of them has damage to his eyes, the vet said he has vision but it's like us looking through our fingers. They've not been outside yet, we're waiting until they turn 6 months in February.

The kitten with sight damage has very cloudy looking eyes but it doesn't stop him playing and chasing toys. I just worry about how he will fare outdoors. Keeping them as house cars isn't an option as we have a lovely garden which they will enjoy.

He's an adorable kitten and his sight problem makes him gaze at us with very wide eyes which makes him all the more beautiful.

Has anyone owned a cat with similar eye problems?

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Megabeth Wed 10-Jan-18 08:09:56


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MsMims Thu 11-Jan-18 01:49:02

@Megabeth you would be safest cat proofing your garden so he can enjoy the outdoors without the risk of him not seeing a car/ dog in time. Thousands of cats enjoy happy lives without access to the outdoors so a cat proof garden is a bonus. It’s a cultural issue that we chuck our cats out and expect them to fend for themselves.

VimFuego101 Thu 11-Jan-18 02:41:02

I agree with MsMims, what is your Garden set up? Can you cat proof it so they can't get out?

Megabeth Fri 12-Jan-18 09:43:17

It would be nigh on impossible to cat proof. Large garden on a pre war semi. Cats Protection didn't advise us to keep them as house cats but warned that both kittens would be unfamiliar with traffic as they were rescued when tiny.

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MsMims Fri 12-Jan-18 13:53:08

You may well be pleasantly surprised. Protect a pet came up with various solutions for us when looking to cat proof a large space (half acre) with various issues like existing low fences, mature trees etc. They can even make a free standing enclosed area if you don’t want to cat proof the whole garden. Obviously there is a cost involved but this needs to be balanced against the cost/ heartbreak of an accident.

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