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Do(es) your cat growl when eating?

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DrMadelineMaxwell Sun 31-Dec-17 19:00:44

We have 2 little cuties. Approx 17 weeks old. They were rescued at 3 weeks old and hand reared by someone at the rescue centre. Siblings. We took them both on at the age of 14 weeks.

They are very chilled. Love playing together and never fight.

They have their own food bowl, but will happily eat from the same plate together with no issued.

If the girl cat gets a treat, though, she growls. I think the problem is that he plays with his treat for 1 min max, then eats it. She is a different story. She likes to throw her treats around and play with them for 15 mins before eating them. So it's def a 'stay away' signal to her brother.

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Els1e Mon 01-Jan-18 11:55:20

Mine will growl over certain food like chicken. Yes, I think it is a stay away signal too

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