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Name ideas :)

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Caroline253 Sun 31-Dec-17 16:35:04

Any name ideas for this little boy? grin

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Els1e Sun 31-Dec-17 17:32:43

Ahhh! He is so very cute. Do you have favourite actor or singer? My cat is called Eric after the man who rescued him.

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Sun 31-Dec-17 17:46:38

Love your cat smile. I know it's a bit unoriginal - but he really looks like a Felix to me.

DancesWithOtters Sun 31-Dec-17 17:50:36


Mulch Sun 31-Dec-17 17:53:39


TroysMammy Sun 31-Dec-17 18:01:42

Tux (tuxedo)
Pingu grin

Rollypoly100 Sun 31-Dec-17 18:04:09

Someone in the litter tray has a cat named Leroy which I think is a fantastic name for a cat so I'd name him Leroy!

BulletFox Sun 31-Dec-17 18:06:56

Think that was yesitsme (Leroy).

I always wanted someone to name their cat 'scurry' after a poster here, scurrycat.

MikeUniformMike Sun 31-Dec-17 18:08:23


KarmaStar Sun 31-Dec-17 18:11:05


What a cute little guy x

iklboo Sun 31-Dec-17 18:20:17


YesItsMeIDontCare Sun 31-Dec-17 18:21:37

Yes it is me 😁. Sadly I can't take the credit - Leroy was named by the lady who first rescued him.

I think Caroline253's chap looks like an Archie.

Fatjilly Sun 31-Dec-17 19:25:44

He looks just like an old cat of mine who was called Paddy.

Caroline253 Sun 31-Dec-17 23:08:23

Great name suggestions shock. I had a tux cat before called Felix so that's a no . I love panda and Leroy but DP says no. He was recued at a week old I think after his mom was knocked down and sadly passed sad. He was taken in by our local rescue and was bottle fed from then on. He was adopted by another before us but it didn't work out sadly. I think Neo would suit as it means new. We adopted him new years eve and I think its fitting grin. Happy new years everyone wine

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Want2beme Sun 31-Dec-17 23:22:33

I would call him Muddy. He is beeootiful grin

YesItsMeIDontCare Mon 01-Jan-18 00:06:01

And a very happy new year to you and Neo too OP 😊.

MERLYPUSSEDOFF Mon 01-Jan-18 00:34:55

Looks like my old Sparky

Weedsnseeds1 Mon 01-Jan-18 23:19:43

Harley (quin)

DrMadelineMaxwell Tue 02-Jan-18 22:49:10

Our black and white boy is a Harley(quin). I'm not convinced, but that's because our last cat had a 'ley' ending to his name and we keep saying that name by accident.

OliviaStabler Tue 02-Jan-18 22:50:14


Caroline253 Wed 03-Jan-18 23:46:34

Thanks guys, great ideas. We are gonna stick with Neo. smile

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FlowerOfTheValley Thu 04-Jan-18 00:06:05

I think Neo is great, he's adorable.

BulletFox Thu 04-Jan-18 00:55:35

Welcome, Neo!

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