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Neighbours kitten

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Oxcheeks Sat 30-Dec-17 01:43:06

Our neighbours who are a very nice family had a new kitten about 8 weeks ago, he's lovely but very friendly and started to come into our house, no problem with that as such because me and DH love cats,, however our 2 cats aren't happy. Every night the poor bugger is left outside, if we open any door he's in, tonight it's peeing down and blowing a a gale and he's in here again. It's a bit of shuffling cats into different rooms, I don't want the neighbours to think that I'm trying to cat-nap their cat, but I struggle to see such a small kitten out overnight. Can I have your thoughts on thi please? I'm ready to be told off

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TheSecondOfHerName Sat 30-Dec-17 09:02:37

I'm a bit shocked that they're letting him stay out overnight. Has he even had his vaccinations yet? If he is v.young he probably hasn't been neutered yet, so before long he's going to be out there trying to impregnate any cat that goes into heat.

However, it isn't fair on your cats for him to come in and bother them all the time.

Don't feed him. If he comes in during the day, put him back out again.

If he comes in at night, take him round to the neighbour's and be all "It's OK. He's turned up. Poor you, you must have been so worried, I know we would have been frantic if OurCat had managed to get out at night at this young age, as it's more dangerous for them to be out at night, especially kittens." And do this every single time.

thecatneuterer Sat 30-Dec-17 10:49:53

Good god it's your neighbours that need telling off. What are they like? Are they approachable? As you describe them as 'nice' it would seem so. If so I would go round and say it's not right to lock a kitten (or indeed a grown cat) out at night. Find out what their reasons for doing it are and maybe they can be addressed. Maybe they think that's the right thing to do and they just need telling it's not. Maybe they just don't have a litter tray and need to get one.

In the meantime you can't leave the poor thing outside. Keep taking it in. In the long term, if they continue to be dicks, you will need to make the kitten 'disappear'.

NeeChee Sun 31-Dec-17 10:07:42

Is it a tiny kitten? Poor thing. I daren't even let mine out yet, he's 5 months old.

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