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Back from holiday

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mrsfluffytail Sun 24-Dec-17 14:29:16

Thank you, yes we've had them for over a year now. Feeling reassured that they won't disappear off now. Will release the cat flap!

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Icequeen01 Sun 24-Dec-17 14:21:46

Assuming they have lived in your home for a good while I would let them out. I have even let mine out of their carriers on our drive. They usually have a quick check amend smell of their territory before coming straight back in through the cat flap to survey the house!

mrsfluffytail Sun 24-Dec-17 11:16:31

Just got our kitties back from the cattery. They're clawing at the doors to go outside. Is it best to let them settle first or can we let them outside again?

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