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How much does your cat eat daily?

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gobster Sat 23-Dec-17 22:19:29

Hi All

My cat is a proper greedy bugger, even as a kitten he’d stalk the other cats bowl ready to pounce on anything left

He may be a little fatter than he should be but if he’s hungry he gets quite vocal and quite bitey

So just curious what the norm is for everyone else?

Do you also keep food available all the time or only feed at meal times?

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follybodger Sat 23-Dec-17 22:32:12

A whole tin morning and night plus purina one or iams complete food out 24/7. I go through 3kg of the dried food in around 10 days

I have 9 cats so not hugely comparable I guess

hugoagogo Sat 23-Dec-17 22:33:40

1 pouch and about half a bowl of biscuits, although more is offered.
She is tiny and runty though.grin

dementedpixie Sat 23-Dec-17 22:35:04

I leave dry out all the time. The two of them get 2 and a half pouches each during the day too. They stop when full and don't eat everything in one go.

YesItsMeIDontCare Sat 23-Dec-17 22:38:47

Leroy has 2 pouches a day, plus Royal Canin dry available for whenever he fancies a snack. He probably eats a small bowlful of those most days.

6kg of big cat though - officially not fat 😁.

TheSecondOfHerName Sat 23-Dec-17 22:42:33

30g dry food
1 pouch wet food

(2.7kg cat)

CrabappleCake Sat 23-Dec-17 22:47:56

6 kg cat. (That’s a stone in old money).

About six pouches a day ... he gets hangry if he doesn’t eat.

CrazyDuchess Sat 23-Dec-17 22:50:03

About 4kg each 2 pouches each a day and dry food all day long

DancesWithOtters Sat 23-Dec-17 22:50:17

5kg boy cat. Pouch and biscuits twice a day, dreamies in between, plus licking whatever plates and pans I leave unattended.

He'd eat a block of cheese and a roast chicken a day too if he was allowed.

DancesWithOtters Sat 23-Dec-17 22:51:02

@YesItsMeIDontCare Leroy is a fabulous name for a cat. I met a Trevor the other day.

TrojansAreSmegheads Sat 23-Dec-17 22:53:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gobster Sat 23-Dec-17 22:57:56

I understand hangry cat far too well! 😃

Mine is 4-5Kg and has a pouch in the morning and pouch in the evening. Plus dry food available all day. I have found if I get really tasty dry food he’ll eat it straight away and start to get a bit too round looking but if I buy the rubbish dry food he’ll only eat it when he obviously is properly hungry and therefore keep on the slight less tubby scale

My issue with that is the tasty good is he food quality where as the rubbish is a bit cheap and nasty

Just don’t want another vet visit where they seemed quite aghast by how much weight he’s gained since his last visit 😂

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pinkginanyone Sat 23-Dec-17 23:00:49

5 months old and berry gready. Three pouches, dry mix all day & what ever bread he can sneak away with when am not looking. Even at that he still asks for more, I should have called him Oliver!

GardenGeek Sat 23-Dec-17 23:01:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jeffers3 Sat 23-Dec-17 23:03:59

Cat is 13 lbs and has 4 or 5 pouches a day, a small handful of dry food and whatever poor creature he's killed's head. Only the head. confused

girlandboy Sat 23-Dec-17 23:14:16

4.5kg and she has a third of a pouch twice a day. Plus biscuity/kibble food down all day for her to snack on. She probably only eats about 30/40 grams of that a day.
She's very economical to run!

bruffin Sat 23-Dec-17 23:22:31

Handful of dry food in morning and 1 pouch in evenig. She nearly 8 and weighs 3.5kg

EachandEveryone Sat 23-Dec-17 23:26:41

4kg each id say. Half a pouch each twice a day and 25 grams of dry twice a day but that soesnt all get eaten.

TotemIcePole Sat 23-Dec-17 23:29:39

30g dry food
1 pouch wet food

Pouches are mostly water, so she only has it for the added fluid intake really.

Its the high protein biscuits that they need to fill them up.

She has filtered water as well.

madamginger Sat 23-Dec-17 23:32:37

2 pouches a day plus a couple of handfuls of kibble. She is a greedy pig and begs for food all day but she’s a fatty and I got told off by the vet last time she was there blush

gobster Sat 23-Dec-17 23:44:02

MadamGinger that sounds exactly like us! It’s worse if he’s been to the cattery as he also gains holiday weight!

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Ollivander84 Sat 23-Dec-17 23:44:27

Whatever he wants - he's not prone to being overweight! Usually between 1-3 pouches and a bit of Lily's kitchen biscuits

PissedOffNeighbour Sat 23-Dec-17 23:47:57

Most of one pouch a day plus as much James wellbeloved as she will eat - usually a small bowl. She is quite petite though.

bonzo77 Sat 23-Dec-17 23:49:49

3kg moggy. Has 1/2 to 1 pouch per day and a bowl of go cat. V rarely has a few dreamies or scraps from our plate.

Piewraith Sun 24-Dec-17 00:08:14

Half a cup of dry plus one pouch, shared between two cats, one 4kg and one 5.5kg. The smaller one is greedy and would eat four times that amount so I feed larger cat on a high shelf that greedy can't get to.

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