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1yr old cat with possible bladder prob

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cattycat83 Thu 21-Dec-17 08:27:59

Bit of background.

Bought 2 pedigree cats this time last year. They were expensive and a treat to myself due to a really stressful time I'd been having.
They were natures but due to massive car issues and having to move I stupidly cancelled it as needed the money.

I was only supposed to be getting one but the breeder was very persuasive and I ended up with them both (brothers) incidentally the poorly one is the one I shouldn't have been having.

Anyway I woke to one 2 weeks ago leaking wee and blood. I have a playroom, the sofa and floors were horrendous with the added smell It has been an absolute nightmare. I work from home which I guess has been a god send, on the other hand I don't feel like I've had a rest sometimes 24/7. The poorly ones has had me up in the night, and tbh I'm absolutely drained with it all.

They were both due to be neutered the week the poorly one got ill so that was cancelled due to him being on antibiotics. They wanted them done together so as not to unsettle one. The poorly one at the end of his meds became very aggressive towards the other one. I got them rebooked for neutering last week and they were done on Friday, even that was an absolute nightmare, but they are done.

Forwarding on, the poorly one still isn't right. He goes to his litter tray roughly 8-10 times an hour, either just goes in and scratches about or wees on the floor. More so it's wee on the floor. It's an oily consistency that he then walks out into the hall, all over the carpets. I know if it's a bladder problem he may be scared of going to the toilet but I've tried a different tray and it's not helped.
My toilet is by my front door so the mess is awful. It's the first thing you walk into and the house stinks. The carpet is slowly becoming so awful as this oily residue is hard to clean. The toilet floor is looking like it needs replacing.

I'm at my wits end. All I do is clean up wee and poo. I don't know what to do for the best. I've spoke to the vets who aren't 100% sure on what it is. Now I can't afford to re insure him. If they don't know I certainly don't. The breeder isn't any wiser either just saying that if I'm struggling she will have them back at any point.

Can anyone help regarding the oily wee or what I can do to maybe sort the weeing on the floor? I know if it's a bladder prob he may not want to go in it but I can't do this for the next 18 years?🙁

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thecatneuterer Thu 21-Dec-17 11:31:52

That sounds horrific for the poor cat. He needs to go back to the vet straight away and they need to try something else. It sounds like cystitis, but could equally be to do with crystals. Either way you need to keep going back to the vet until it is sorted out.

And do you feed them dried food? If so stop that straight away and only give wet. Dried is bad for both cystitis and crystals so it's a good idea not to feed it at all in this case.

cattycat83 Thu 21-Dec-17 12:21:24

Thanks for the reply.

The vets can't help, his tests have come back as inconclusive just showed high traces of blood which has now stopped. He's back to 'normal' if that's the right way of putting it but the litter tray behaviour is not normal.

They have told me it's not cystitis or crystals from the tests, the blizzard thing is the oily consistency of his wee.

They were on chicken and chicken livers advised by the breeder with biscuits during the day..however this was always very hard work with them seeing hungry most of the time. So, Yes they're on dry food advised by the breeder (royal canin) and that's helped with them not seeming hungry.

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Toddlerteaplease Thu 21-Dec-17 12:25:51

Give them some wet food as well. Particularly if they aren't good drinkers and get a second opinion from another vet.

Jenala Thu 21-Dec-17 12:26:52

I have a cat with bladder issues (female though) and she gets this - frequent weeing and blood. We switched her to Royal Canon urinary s/o which prevents the formation of crystals and we didn't have the problem again. So this could be an option for you.

We have now switched her to wet food and bought a cat fountain with a filter as we live in a hard water area which can cause crystals. Fingers crossed so far no more issues when before even a few days of normal dry biscuits caused symptoms to reappear.

I'd definitely switch the poor guy to wet food at the very least. Cats often don't drink enough so can be dehydrated anyway and he particularly needs to be able to have plenty of fluids to flush everything out. I've had cystitis and the pain and discomfort is vastly reduced if I drink loads. It's no different for cats.

Ask your vet about urinary s/o cat food and switch to wet food only in the meantime.

username24 Thu 21-Dec-17 13:16:08

Just to clarify they have been on wet food for the last year. The vets as well advised putting them on the RC as the pouches are like junk food. They used to have as I said chicken as chicken livers too, they do drink a lot. It also wasn't crystals so were all lost

username24 Thu 21-Dec-17 13:16:44

Sorry NC as couldn't post!

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