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Christmas Cats

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JaceLancs Sun 17-Dec-17 00:13:47

How do your cats feel about Xmas?
Evie hates it - she dislikes change of any kind - freaks out if I move furniture or take curtains down to wash so the whole putting up decorations bit just makes her more insecure - currently hiding under tree

JaceLancs Sun 17-Dec-17 00:15:54

New addition to family - kitten Reuben is more adaptable - didn’t look too impressed when we balanced a hat on one ear - but is enjoying batting the occasional bauble of the tree

GrooovyLass Sun 17-Dec-17 00:18:04

Mine love it - boxes to play or sleep in, wrapping paper to shred and bows to kill!

Hadenoughtoday Sun 17-Dec-17 00:19:00

At least yours in hiding UNDER the tree!! Meet my two 7month old kittens - brother and sister tag team who now own a Christmas tree!!

iggleypiggly Sun 17-Dec-17 00:22:19

hadenough that is the best picture I have ever seen grin

ProseccoMamam Sun 17-Dec-17 00:26:00

@JaceLancs it looks like your new cat is broken did you assemble him properly gringrin poor thing is having a nervous breakdown now that you put a bonnet on his head

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 17-Dec-17 09:02:41

That is a cracking photo "this is our tree, no you can't put sparkly shit on it"

chemenger Sun 17-Dec-17 09:16:13

Hadenough no need to decorate that tree any mode, what could be prettier than the two baubles you have in the picture? What beautiful cats.

chemenger Sun 17-Dec-17 09:17:17

Any more why does autocorrect always chose the most unlikely word?

StripySocksAndDocs Sun 17-Dec-17 09:22:18

I don't think he's bothered. He's a very nonchalant cat anyway. A brief obsevation and a sniff at anything new and that's it.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Sun 17-Dec-17 09:22:36

I love them! Harry isn’t bothered by Christmas so we need photoshop to get him in the mood!

JaceLancs Sun 17-Dec-17 12:22:30

Love the live tree ornaments - did you ever manage to get any decorations on it?

Lillagroda Sun 17-Dec-17 12:25:35

I have an extra ornament in my tree.

She likes Christmas.

The other one couldn’t care less provided her daily nap/cuddle schedule isn’t affected. She applies this to most things in life, not just Christmas.

Ess123 Sun 17-Dec-17 12:30:49

Mine think the baubles and tree are there to be dismantled by running at the tree super fast and skidding under it then trying to dislodge as many baubles as possible then running away to let the next pair have a go.

dorothymichaels Sun 17-Dec-17 13:49:39

Molly has never seen a tree before (she's 8). Previous owner had a small artificial one on a table. She's very interested but not enough to climb in.

Hadenoughtoday Sun 17-Dec-17 14:17:46

No baubles on my tree because my grey tabby has decided to pee on it this morning! Thinking of chucking it in the bin! Cats who'd have them??? Oh that would be me with 5!!

YetAnotherSpartacus Sun 17-Dec-17 14:42:06

Harry looks grumpy enough for the hats to be real smile.

Molly has never seen a tree before (she's 8). Previous owner had a small artificial one on a table. She's very interested but not enough to climb in


Ollivander84 Sun 17-Dec-17 14:47:46

The feral stable cats appear to have baubles in their crate. The Christmas tree at the yard is suspiciously bare. I suspect these two things are not a coincidence grin

TheSecondOfHerName Sun 17-Dec-17 16:31:09

M has only been with us for a week; she has taken the appearance of the tree in her stride, along with the countless other recent changes in her life.

JaceLancs Sun 17-Dec-17 16:48:17

Some fab pictures here - wishing you all a fab festive feline Christmas

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