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Behold my weird cute sleeping cat

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Leaningtoweroflisa Sat 16-Dec-17 22:10:05

Both cats are asleep on me, which is lovely and warm... I just looked down and found Sig has pulled his tail over his eyes like a blindfold! So weird, and cute. Now I’m wondering if he does this often?

Any other kitties have a little comfort thing while they nap?

SnowBallsAreHere Sat 16-Dec-17 22:11:29

Mine lies on his bed like a sphinx, paws over the edge.

BulletFox Sat 16-Dec-17 22:12:17


ScreamingValenta Sat 16-Dec-17 22:12:48

Aww! One of mine often sleeps with her paw over her eyes.

Want2beme Sat 16-Dec-17 22:20:48

They're gorgeous. What a marvelous tail Sig has. Is his full name Sigmund? My old boy used to cover his face with his paw and my other old boy used his tail.

WowserBowser Sat 16-Dec-17 22:22:17

What a beautiful cat!

Weedsnseeds1 Sat 16-Dec-17 23:18:39

smile bless!

Leaningtoweroflisa Sat 16-Dec-17 23:22:53

Aw thanks, I think if I saw either sleeping with their paws over their faces I’d squee myself inside out! Need pics if possible,

Yes want he’s sigmund and his brother is starchild (guess which DS named). Starry is a little weirdo, he was smaller (not the runt, but about 1/3 smaller?) and he’s never been as good at catting. Eg sig was jumping on and off furniture from teeny and starry just sat and watched him - he still kind of watches his brother to see what he does! But he’s very cuddly, likes belly-rubs and seems clever enough when comes to bossing his brother around or getting treats...

Yes he has a bushy tail like a raccoon. DH regularly tells him he should be a cat supermodel 😂 his poor brother took ages to grow into his face but he is also gorgeous (he says) and is very soft. Sorry I will stop posting photos now!

Ollivander84 Sat 16-Dec-17 23:28:16

Mine likes to rest his chin on something or be tucked under a blanket. Or sleep on me(see photo!. At the vets he's started curling into a ball and snapping his tail over his eyes hmm and refusing to uncurl himself

DonnyAndVladSittingInATree Sat 16-Dec-17 23:32:27

Oh wow! Those are two handsome boys! Are they a special breed? Their fur looks super thick and luxurious.

Grapeeatingweirdo Sat 16-Dec-17 23:34:23

Beautiful cats, keep the pics coming!

Toddlerteaplease Sat 16-Dec-17 23:35:27

Snorg likes to sleep tucked under my arm with her chin resting on my shoulder. Or like this

Rollypoly100 Sat 16-Dec-17 23:38:01

Beautiful cats and lovely pics of them.

Rollypoly100 Sat 16-Dec-17 23:39:23

Here is our old rescue lady in her radiator bed. She loves it hot.

BulletFox Sat 16-Dec-17 23:40:46

Awwww Rollypolly

Rollypoly100 Sat 16-Dec-17 23:42:03

And this our rescue boy who would love to cuddle up to her but she treats him with casual indifference!

allthegoodusernameshavegone Sat 16-Dec-17 23:42:58

Aw, I love this thread, I miss my lovely girl.

Leaningtoweroflisa Sat 16-Dec-17 23:47:14

olli he’s so snuggly! Starry likes being under a blanket too. I’ve been poorly this week and it was a most satisfactory way of warming up having him under the covers! Neither of them are wise to the vet yet, despite their de-balling and sig having a kidney infection....

donny they’re British short hairs... so they’ve lovely plush coats. They’re two very happy, low maintenance boys most of the time, and they get on. Good with DS (6) but were in a house and handled by small kids so they just look really patient and pained and then scarper but they rarely scratch. Starry appears to quite enjoy being cuddled like a teddy by DS in bed. Plus it makes DS shut up and go to sleep quickly, bonus!

DonnyAndVladSittingInATree Sat 16-Dec-17 23:51:15

Ahh! They sound adorable. I’m in love with their faces. So squidgy. My two have become accustomed to being cradled on their backs like a baby by DS. They just look at me as if to say “I’m not even going to fight it anymore” grin

MooseBeTimeForSnow Sat 16-Dec-17 23:51:34

Gratuitous sleeping kitten shot

AdoraBell Sat 16-Dec-17 23:52:56

😍 they are too cute.

TheDonald Sat 16-Dec-17 23:58:52

Not a sleeping pic but thus is our new girl. We've had her 6 weeks after losing our previous cat. Today was the first time I was brave enough to let her out and she loved it! Yes that is snow on top of her head!

myrtleWilson Sun 17-Dec-17 00:00:18

ah love sleeping cat photos!

DonnyAndVladSittingInATree Sun 17-Dec-17 00:02:00

This is my boy just being a wee weirdo.

Vernazza Sun 17-Dec-17 00:06:07

My rescue boy from Crete. Sleeps like a dog fsmile

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