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My girls have started proper scrapping any ideas why?

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EachandEveryone Tue 05-Dec-17 10:02:50

Theyve loved each other from the start. The only thing i will say is that the kitten is now 9 months and as big as my Daph. Shes also bolder to go outside and is still not really affectionate towards me. Shes a proper independent tortie. Its since they got back from the cattery the young one is tormenting the big one until she chases her and they have a full on scrap. No hissing or blood drawing. Its normally after shes been outside and ive called her in (if i didnt i swear she'd disappear for hours) shes also dominant with the treats Dapne never gets a dreamie unless I physically put it under her nose! Is it normal? Ive never seen her scrap before flying through the air like some kind on kung foo champion. Are they ok to leave at xmas? They still sleep together well, you can see how she takes over the bed.

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