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Anyone with a microchip cat flap?

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Girliefriendlikesflowers Fri 24-Nov-17 22:16:07

How long do you find the batteries last?! I have two cats and the batteries are only lasting 3 weeks shockconfusedhmm have taped the little catch down now as can't keep replacing them!!

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CrabappleCake Fri 24-Nov-17 22:19:18

Can’t help as mine is plugged into the mains with a v long extension lead. Maybe try sending it back if you can’t do that.

HildeburgBrown Fri 24-Nov-17 22:21:17

I got a microchip cat flap in July and haven't changed the battery yet. It's locked at night.

I think something is malfunctioning in yours.

PosiePootlePerkins Fri 24-Nov-17 22:22:23

We change ours maybe two pr three times a year? Don't think yours is working properly!

PosiePootlePerkins Fri 24-Nov-17 22:22:37


Girliefriendlikesflowers Fri 24-Nov-17 22:23:36

I can't send it back as would just have a hole in the back door! grin ugh annoying if it's broken!

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MyOtherProfile Fri 24-Nov-17 22:23:43

Had ours 3 years and changd the batteries once.

madeyemoodysmum Fri 24-Nov-17 22:24:00

Wow. 3 cats at least 6 months.

LemonRedwood Fri 24-Nov-17 22:25:45

1 cat, about 18 months. Think yours must be faulty!

outabout Fri 24-Nov-17 22:28:12

Just fitted one and the manual claimed decent quality batteries SHOULD last around a year, too early to tell yet.
A different model had mains (using a power adaptor) power with battery 'backup' which suggests it is more power hungry. 3 Months does sound a bit quick to eat batteries unless you are using cheap sub standard batteries.

madcatwoman61 Fri 24-Nov-17 22:32:58

2 cats, batteries last about a year I think

HouseOfGoldandBones Fri 24-Nov-17 22:34:05

1 cat, just moved out of house, and the batteries had lasted 18 months

Oldieandgoldie Fri 24-Nov-17 22:36:07

It also depends on the quality of your batteries. Poundshop batteries might last weeks, expensive Duracell might last months/year’s.

Briette Fri 24-Nov-17 22:48:08

2 cats, still on the first set of batteries at 6 months.

Girliefriendlikesflowers Fri 24-Nov-17 22:56:43

The batteries are duracell I think, really annoying as not had it that long!

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RandomMess Fri 24-Nov-17 22:58:09

We had one like that, it was faulty!! Ring up the the serial/batch number and they will send you a replacement if yours is one of the faulty batch.

strawberrypenguin Fri 24-Nov-17 23:00:28

One cat. Batteries last about a year!

Girliefriendlikesflowers Fri 24-Nov-17 23:27:28

Oh really random? Will dig out the instruction book then! Thank you

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RonniePasas Sat 25-Nov-17 08:30:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LikeTheShoes Sat 25-Nov-17 08:34:22

We use rechargeable batteries and change them every 3 months or so, (the light starts flashing ages before they need changing) but this is because our cats are stupid and put their heads in the flap to make it go click then wait which uses up all the battery! Have you checked if yours is clean? If there is gunk on the sensor it can get stuck looking for microchips all the time which can drain the battery.

YetAnotherSpartacus Sat 25-Nov-17 08:51:25

LOL at cats chewing through batteries by being half in and half out of the flaps.

Wh0KnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Sat 25-Nov-17 08:57:15

Yes, my cats do that too, you can hear the catch clicking away as they stick their head out for a bit of fresh air. Batteries still last about a year though.

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