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Ragdoll cats

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Sparkle331 Wed 22-Nov-17 10:59:50

Does anyone own a ragdoll cat? What are they like? Only I have been reading up on them and just wanted to hear some owner views? We are looking to get a cat and these seem to be what will suit our family with their temperament and human loving ways.

Sparkle331 Wed 22-Nov-17 18:28:25


Kofa Wed 22-Nov-17 18:35:55

My brother got one recently and he is an adorable little thing - very sweet and affectionate and adores being with his family.

Sparkle331 Wed 22-Nov-17 18:42:37

Ahh lovely, Is he an indoor cat kofa only I have been reading many people say to keep them in.

CrazyHairSister Wed 22-Nov-17 18:42:42

I had one, beautiful, friendly, good natured, but thick as mince. Pissed all over the place (health issues checked out by vet) , climbed into her litter tray to poo outside of it, walked into doors, jumped at the sight of her reflection or shadow.

theconstantinoplegardener Wed 22-Nov-17 18:46:01

I don't have one but I've also heard it suggested that they are kept indoors, as their gentle, trusting nature's put them at risk of harm. If you would like your cat to be able to go outside but stay safe, Google "catios". It's a way of making your garden cat-proof.

hugoagogo Wed 22-Nov-17 18:49:07

My in laws have them, they are kept indoors and very soft and friendly.
I could never justify the price though and I always think indoor cats are more of a commitment day today and prefer the slightly more self sufficient might.

lunar1 Wed 22-Nov-17 18:50:58

I had two rag dolls for years, they lived to 12&15 boy and girl. They were indoor cats, never scratched or messed anywhere. I plan to get two more in a few years time. I don’t think they would like to be an only cat if you are out a lot.

Sparkle331 Wed 22-Nov-17 18:51:48

Aww really crazyhair, I'm really looking for a really friendly nature animalis that is what has made me want one as well as their beautiful looks.

Our last cat got run over theconstantinoplegardener so I would prefer and indoor cat, Thanks for the advice on catproofing the garden, That would be great so the cat could still enjoy being outdoors if she wanted to.

theconstantinoplegardener Wed 22-Nov-17 18:52:08

Cat-proof as in keeping your cat within your garden, that is. They range from an aviary-type structure, to fixing something around all your garden fence so the cat can't climb out.

Sparkle331 Wed 22-Nov-17 18:56:04

Really Hugo, Yes they aren't cheap! But I feel we could justify the price for how much enjoyment we would get out of owning one.

Sparkle331 Wed 22-Nov-17 18:58:39

Yes I like the idea of putting something above the fence to stop the cat getting out rather than a cage theconstantinoplegardener

Sparkle331 Wed 22-Nov-17 19:03:25

Aww really lunar1, no I am not out alot so the cat would have plenty of company, I was also of thinking of getting two, Have to persuade the husband first though!
I was reading it was best to get one of each sex, But I was a little worried about getting a male if he sprays as I heard that male cats are prone to spraying, Do you think thats true of ragdolls? Did your boy ever go through that stage?

soupforbrains Wed 22-Nov-17 19:12:53

I had a male ragdoll he was super lovely and incredibly beautiful. I didn’t keep him indoors because I don’t believe in indoor cats we had no issues with him being outdoors at all. He adored going out.

Didn’t have any problem with spraying at all although I did have him snipped at 1 yr old.

Herja Wed 22-Nov-17 19:21:43

I have one. He's 15 months now and has never messed anywhere, used his litter tray with no issues from day one. He's beautiful and loves cuddles, he likes being carried about cradled like a baby. He's also really fun to play with, gets on very well with the children. He's an indoor cat, he goes in the garden with supervision. We tried taking him out to the park at the end of the road and few times on a lead, but he's terrified of dogs.

Herja Wed 22-Nov-17 19:22:02

*A few

Herja Wed 22-Nov-17 19:23:18

Mine has not sprayed at all so far, he was neutered fairly early though as the breeder didn't complete his registration until he'd been done.

lunar1 Wed 22-Nov-17 19:58:44

My boy never sprayed.

Sparkle331 Wed 22-Nov-17 20:38:55

Thanks for the information everyone, So overall peoples cats dont seem to spray if they are boys just best to get them neutered which I would anyway.

Bumblina Wed 22-Nov-17 23:11:46

i have two, a brother and sister from a ragdoll rescue.
they are absolutely gorgeous animals, just so so sweet and squishy and funny. The boy is just adorable and friendly wanting belly rubs all the time and generally flopping by my side wherever i am. The girl is much more timid, prone to hiding, but is very vocal and is very playful, she prances around the house doing silly miaows with toys in her mouth.
Ours are 4 now and we've had them 2.5 years (I've had moggies all my life). i wouldn't be without them despite the constant fur everywhere and they've ruined a lot of our furniture with scratching (despite huge scratching posts everywhere!)

crazymissdaisy Wed 22-Nov-17 23:17:17

I have a 4 month old ragdoll kitten , a male. Unbelievably good natured and soppy, so affectionate and easy going, plus you can do all the tummy petting you like without losing your hand!

Sparkle331 Thu 23-Nov-17 08:07:53

Aww they sound lovely bumblina and crazymiss smile

Toddlerteaplease Sun 26-Nov-17 10:48:51

I stayed in a B&B last night, and this enormous boy was my breakfast companion. I lifted him onto my knee and he stayed put.

Bluesheep8 Sun 26-Nov-17 11:01:58

Oooh what a beautiful cat-such an expressive face, he looks so wise and kind.

Bumblina Sun 26-Nov-17 11:19:07

Oh he's gorgeous toddlertea

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