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Am I being naive?

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missladybird Fri 17-Nov-17 18:43:29

Had kitten 1 week today. Discovered she had fleas last Sat and had her at the vets first thing Sun. They treated her and the little fuckers slowly died off. I've been vacuuming and steam cleaning the house every day and boil washed everything I could. Her fur is clear of flea dirt and I haven't noticed any fleas around the house.

Am I being naive to think that the worst is over and we're almost flea free?

Wolfiefan Fri 17-Nov-17 18:44:19

Treated her with what? Have you indorexed the house?

Tedster77 Fri 17-Nov-17 18:44:28

Sounds like it is to me!

missladybird Fri 17-Nov-17 18:45:30

Frontline spray.

Haven't indorexed as I'm not keen on spraying with small dd in house.

fuzzywuzzy Fri 17-Nov-17 18:47:24

Put a flea collar in the hoover bag to make sure the fleas die if they end up in the hoover.

They’ve been really bad this year, keep an eye on the kitten and flea her again as soon as she’s due to be treated.

Hopefully they’re gone for good.

dementedpixie Fri 17-Nov-17 18:48:17

Advocate can be used from 9 weeks old. What age is your kitten now?

missladybird Fri 17-Nov-17 18:49:22

She is just under 10 weeks. Maybe I should try a different vets?

NextInLine Fri 17-Nov-17 21:21:43

I was given advocate when our kitten arrived with fleas. I was told frontline didn't work as well due to fleas becoming immune.
I also indorexed the house, its great stuff. If you're worried about it affecting your dd, my youngest dc was about 9 months old, i just did upstairs first, then downstairs, put the kids in the car then went out for a few hours, they played in the garden when we got back whilst the house was airing. I haven't seen any fleas in the house or on the cat.

TheHodgeHeg Sat 18-Nov-17 13:04:05

With my kitten when I couldn't see any fleas it was because they'd all gone. When there were still around I'd see random ones on her, me or on the floor at least once a day.

missladybird Sat 18-Nov-17 14:51:17

Hopefully I caught them in time before it turned into an infestation. Fingers crossed!

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