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Can i entertain a cat in a small place?

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BulletFox Fri 17-Nov-17 04:09:35

I'm really worried about this, I viewed 2 properties yesterday and one is tiny (more expensive, weirdly) and the other far more large with garden but doesn't accept pets.

I think I may have to accept the smaller one so I can take my elderly cat but would she be able to adjust ok to a smaller space without having outside access?

Another poster on here has a cat harness for their cat, I was curious about that!

Toddlerteaplease Fri 17-Nov-17 06:46:33

I think your cat would rather stay with you in a smaller space. She’d adapt.

Toddlerteaplease Fri 17-Nov-17 06:48:30

Could you speak to the landlord direct and explain the situation. My house was no pets, but I asked the landlords permission to adopt my girls and it was fine. I signed a letter saying I’d make good any damage they did.

thecatneuterer Fri 17-Nov-17 10:02:11

I agree with speaking to the LL direct. Failing that she will adapt. Older cats tend to be much quieter than young ones anyway and are happy to spend most of their time sleeping or eating.

Most cats will not accept harnesses.

shhhfastasleep Fri 17-Nov-17 10:07:38

Work out plenty of high up sunny roosting spots, preferably with views so that your cat can plot mayhem in the outside world. Most of the fun for cats is in the plotting.
Make time to play with your cat and give him/her the chance to play with stuff.
Even the old and infirm cats like a bit of gentle murdering of toys etc.

Want2beme Sun 19-Nov-17 21:52:29

shhhfastasleep good advice. Don't forget the litter tray, OP!

BulletFox Sun 19-Nov-17 22:28:12

Thanks for the advice - it's got a bit complicated as I've been offered a third place, really expensive, huge, and find out tomorrow if they will accept her.

So I can take prisoner cell place which will take her, second place won't so that's out, find out tomorrow about huge third place.

I haven't got a lot of time to get this sorted. Like 14 days.

Want2beme Mon 20-Nov-17 00:14:11

Good luck. Fingers x'd for you & Dcat.

YesItsMeIDontCare Mon 20-Nov-17 00:20:09

I may be the person you're thinking of? Here's Leroy on a walk!

To be honest TCN is right, most cats won't take to a harness. It's pure luck that Leroy did so I'm afraid I have no training tips, sorry 😔.

Fingers crossed for you though.

Lily2007 Mon 20-Nov-17 00:23:26

It's worth checking ones saying they don't take pets, one we had which said no pets they allowed our cat and said they meant no pets meant no dogs. confused

BulletFox Mon 20-Nov-17 00:49:28

YesItsMe yes it was you!!

I was so impressed by your harness skills! I guess I could try her gently and see how she gets on.

Thanks for good wishes, will persevere or end up in a cardboard box outside tesco

YetAnotherSpartacus Mon 20-Nov-17 12:52:01

Fingers crossed for third place accepting you plus bulletcat!

PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 20-Nov-17 15:51:51

Fingers crossed the third place works out for you both.

BulletFox Wed 22-Nov-17 23:56:30

Actually I'm going to have to take the prisoner cell block H type place as the third apparently had nightmare tenants previously and would need a lot of reassurance and i don't have the time to sort it out.

I can't believe I'm making housing decisions based on the cat grin

She was a little madam today as well.

Want2beme Thu 23-Nov-17 10:27:57

If it's any consolation, I'd do the same. I'm thinking of moving to a small town from a rural area, but the thought of taking my country cat to a busier area is putting me off! Hope you'll both settle in well.

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