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Easy pill, it's a miracle

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Briette Wed 15-Nov-17 23:57:32

I wish these products worked for me! Mine insists on crunching through even the tiniest snack, then rolls out the usual looks of betrayal when it's got medicine inside.

Toddlerteaplease Wed 15-Nov-17 21:30:31

One of my girls loved the greenies pill pouches but I’ve just tried to give her her wormer and she won’t touch it! I’ve just ordered a new pack for her sister who’s just started medication and had to give up on them and resort to the pill giver thing!

PinkSparklyPussyCat Wed 15-Nov-17 20:17:52

They do a version for cats with kidney disease. My vet told me they'd never had a cat refuse it...

...they have now.

jaspercat2002 Wed 15-Nov-17 20:09:36

Great stuff isn’t it?

Can I also just recommend, in case you haven’t tried them, the Webbox treat sticks. You can break a bit off and squish it round pills. Quite a bit cheaper too if it works :-)

CuthbertDibble Wed 15-Nov-17 19:30:52

Lovely though she is, our cat won't take pills without a huge, stressful, fight and even then she'll probably manage to spit them out.

She's been fighting recently and needed penicillin, vet recommended easy pill and it's been fantastic. It's putty-like substance and you put the pill in the middle, it's like feeding Dreamies, down in one.

I think it costs about £3-£4 for a pack that will do approx 8-10 pills. Just thought I'd share, it's been a miracle pill-giver for us.

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