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Help with kitten determined to poo outside the litter tray

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ToothTrauma Sun 12-Nov-17 22:20:00

It only happens last thing at night. She will poo somewhere and I will find it, clean it up, use enzyme spray to kill the smell, and block the area off. The next night she will find somewhere else.

Throughout the day and the rest of the night she uses trays no problem. It is just her before-bed poo that she has decided must be done on carpet.

We have two kittens. They seem very happy and settled. We have had them for four weeks.

We have four litter trays. We have tried: changing the litter; changing the tray; cleaning it out more often; cleaning it out less often; putting trays in the places where she poos.

I don’t know what else to do. She has already been to the vet and he said she had a stomach upset and gave her some paste to take which did nothing.

I have got her booked in again for this week, but any advice in the meantime? She is eating, drinking, playful, affectionate, purring etc.

Want2beme Sun 12-Nov-17 23:50:14

One of mine does this all of the time. She won't change, so I've given up trying. I don't have carpets in most of the house for this reason. I've learnt over the years that carpets are not a good idea when you have pets.

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