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When 5 becomes 6 ... albeit temporarily!

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MycatsaPirate Sun 05-Nov-17 11:32:53

A plea went out on our local Pets Lost and Found page on Facebook to find the owner of a little stray girl. I was tagged and asked if I would take her in while they sort things out. I picked her up this morning, she is bloody tiny, she is less than a year old, not chipped or snipped, had at least one litter (although now dry and hopefully not pregnant again), very underweight, some matting of fur and almost certainly has fleas and maybe worms.

She is now in teens bedroom (teen at uni) with two empty food bowls (she wolfed down the lot) and some water and a litter tray, which she has used.

She is so sweet. Next step is to put an appeal out through CPL to find out if anyone is missing her (they are on that), see if she's pregnant or not, get her spayed and then a friend has found her a permanent home on a farm with a lovely couple who already have a cat.

Please get your cats neutered and microchipped! This poor baby has been a mum when she is not much more than a baby herself.

Vinorosso74 Sun 05-Nov-17 12:58:59

What a pretty cat! I have seen a lot of mum cats at CP who are just big kittens themselves.
I honestly don't think people get that cats don't need to have one litter and that neutering can be done at 4 months. People need to research more before getting animals. Trouble is the Gumtree kittens etc the sellers don't give out any info which a rescue would do (granted those already will be done if old enough).
What annoys me are the people who don't neuter their male cats thinking unwanted kittens aren't their problem or it will emasculate the cat.
I could rant more. Well done looking after her for now, hopefully she isn't pregnant again.

MycatsaPirate Sun 05-Nov-17 14:49:00

It drives me mad when people don't research before buying any pet. They aren't a fad, they are a commitment.

Pixie (as we've named her) has been up in DD2's room with her but when I went up and opened the door, she shot out and ran downstairs. Then came face to face with three of ours. Such a little thing emitting a tiny growl! She has now gone back up with DD2 into her room. She will be in teens room overnight (probably, depends on how much she cries I guess).

CPL have done an online post with photos and I will be taking her to the vet tomorrow. She is sooo skinny sad

thecatneuterer Sun 05-Nov-17 16:34:17

Whether pregnant or not she needs neutering now. And she definitely needs neutering before trying to find the owners. It's a mistake to try to find them first in cases like this. Anyway well done for taking her in and I'm glad she's booked in for tomorrow.

MycatsaPirate Sun 05-Nov-17 21:26:21

She wont be going anywhere until she is neutered! Not to anyone who claims to be the owner or to a new owner. I need to get her weighed tomorrow and then get her wormed and flea treated, she's so small that I am loathe to use the stuff I have for my own cats which are way bigger than her.

At the moment I think she needs to get her weight up, she is extremely thin and get back to full health. Her fur is matted in places which I am going to show the vet, I want everything recorded. Then I will sort it all one thing at a time. Right now, she is just exhausted. She has had a long day, in a new environment and despite us wanting to keep her in the spare room she is adamant she wants to be in with DD2. So she's in there with the door shut, there's no way she can get out of the house at all.

I will speak to the vet tomorrow and see what he thinks about her being neutered now or waiting to see if she is pregnant or not. CPL said they will help with neutering costs anyway.

Vinorosso74 Sun 05-Nov-17 22:53:39

Hopefully once she's been deflead, wormed and a few days of being fed properly she'll gain weight ok. You'll have a clearer idea after seeing the vet.

Vinorosso74 Sun 05-Nov-17 22:54:01

Do keep us updated!

thecatneuterer Sun 05-Nov-17 23:06:12

That's great. But it really doesn't matter if she's pregnant. It would be far better for her, and for cat kind, to just get her done anyway,

MycatsaPirate Mon 06-Nov-17 09:21:51

Vets at 11am. She spent the night curled up on DD2's bed on a blanket. We halved her food this morning because she is wolfing it down so fast, then will give her the rest of her breakfast at lunch time and then split dinner into two portions later.

She keeps shooting out of the room when we open the door and came face to face with one of mine this morning. God, she is about a third of the size of my cat! Still didn't stop her hissing and growling but after a few minutes they both just sat down and looked at each other and were a lot calmer.

I will speak to the vet about neutering today.

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