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Rehoming unneutered brother and sister

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raglansleeve Sat 28-Oct-17 11:55:13

We are getting kittens next week. They are rescues, approx 7 weeks old. They will be neutered when old enough, but what do we need to look out for in the interim to avoid an unwanted pregnancy in the female?

Cailleach1 Sat 28-Oct-17 12:20:05

We have a brother and sister. We got them at around 10 weeks. I was quite nervous about the situation and the vet said around 6 months would be ok for neutering.

At around 4 or 4 and a half months, he began to become more agressive towards her. I was getting a bit itchy about it. Someone on here said they neuter at 4 months. I went to the vet and asked them to neuter both. They were 5 months. Our girl was the runt and didn't seem to exhibit any different behaviour.

If they are above a certain weight, I think it is ok to neuter. There are some previous threads outlining the weight.

We gave a sign of relief when it was done. His aggression lessened.

Vinorosso74 Sat 28-Oct-17 13:21:14

Neuter at 4 months to avoid this. The attached lists vets who will neuter at this age (I don't know how up to date it is as our vets changed names 5 or 6 years ago and not updated).
And we need photos.

raglansleeve Sat 28-Oct-17 15:35:10

Thanks - we'll speak to our vets about neutering at 4 months. Sadly there doesn't seem to be any local vets on the Cats Protection list. Will post pics when they arrive - they are the cutest ginger and white moppets.

Checklist Sat 28-Oct-17 22:20:35

When she starts throwing herself at him! I doubt that will happen if you have him neutered at 4 months, but our's threw herself at her brother at just 5 months!

raglansleeve Wed 01-Nov-17 18:09:23


Merida83 Wed 01-Nov-17 18:14:16

You have a little ginger girl? That is so rare.

They are absolutely adorably gorgeous!

ShovellerDuck Wed 01-Nov-17 19:09:07

I believe 60% of gingers are male so females aren’t rare. What is rare is a male tortoiseshell cat.

SilverSpot Wed 01-Nov-17 19:19:02

OMG super cute!

Like PP says, up-to-date vets will neuter at 4 months,

thatwouldbeanecumenicalmatter Wed 01-Nov-17 19:36:40

<Melts> 🐱🐱

snorkmaiden68 Thu 02-Nov-17 22:00:40

Awwww the cuteness is just too much smile

ElizaDontlittle Sat 04-Nov-17 07:55:12

They are gorgeous!!
You can only get ginger females from both ginger parents, or ginger and white - so about 75% of ginger cats are male.
My vet wouldn't neuter til 6 months - in your situation I'd have found one that would do it earlier, but as it was I confined him to the garden.
He's now a proper little explorer at 7 months and on his way to becoming a 6 dinner Sid as he's so friendly.

GerundTheBehemoth Sat 04-Nov-17 08:00:34

You can also get female ginger kittens from tortie mum/ginger dad.

Gorgeous kittens!

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