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Chronically ill cat, any advice?

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Sara107 Tue 24-Oct-17 23:16:13

Cat is 13, and has had more health problems than I can count. As a young cat she had a lot of upset stomach type issues but that pretty much settled down when she was put onto sensitively control diet. Fast forward to last year and she got all thin and ravenous, and was eventually diagnosed in April this year as diabetic (probably due to diet, I now know that dry food isn't great for cats and cereal based food even worse!). I changed her onto tins of chicken only wet food ( she has always been able to eat chicken) and we started insulin injections. She improved initially, but then stopped putting on weight and her occasional vomitting increased in frequency to every night. Then she started getting bloody diahorrea. Since September she has has had two lots of antibiotics, and is currently on the third. Each time there has been a dramatic improvement for about 6 days and then the vomitting and diahorrea start again. I am finding this so hard to live with, especially as she doesn't seem to like her litter tray and often goes beside it. The house stinks in the morning and often cat and furniture, carpets etc are soiled. The vets don't know what to do and I don't either. She obviously gets bouts of tummy ache, but isn't at the stage of discomfort where she would need to be put down. I feel awful, but wish I had refused the insulin as she would have reached the end of her life quite quickly. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do? What can you give a cat with bowel disease? And how do you live with the incessant sick and poo all over your kitchen and living room? And how do you control your own gag reflex? I used to be fairly robust but now start retching as soon as I begin the clear up.

Want2beme Tue 24-Oct-17 23:29:05

I do feel for you. My old boy who was PTS a few months back, was a big pooer and vomitter, due to his megacolon condition. He also had hyperthyroidism and took medication daily for both of these, along with a pain killer for his arthritis. It's hard going. He was 20 when he died and I had to clean up after him for many years, as he would open his bowels wherever he pleased. I'm glad most of my house isn't carpeted. The vomit used to get me. I dealt with but it was very unpleasant. I coped better cleaning up the poo.

Sorry to state the obvious, but have you considered getting a second opinion? You might be surprised at what another vet could pick up. Maybe take her to a specialist.

Wolfiefan Tue 24-Oct-17 23:31:34

You couldn't refuse the insulin. What an awful suggestion!
Can you increase the number of litter trays? Limit access to carpeted areas when you're not there?
Have you tried different food options?
Are the vets suggesting scans?

Vinorosso74 Wed 25-Oct-17 07:14:56

Our cat is diabetic (as a result of pancreatitis) and also has IBD. She has hypoallergenic food wet or dry and boiled chicken or turkey breast are ok.
Steroids are often used to reduce the inflammation in IBD but not with a diabetic cat. Our vet used last resort medication of Chlorambucil which I think stops the immune system attacking itself as IBD can be autoimmune condition. It worked but is a heavy duty medication and can reduce immune system. Diarrhoea can also increase the amount of insulin required.
Our vet is fab and well clued up on it all. Is there another vet at the practise you could see even?
As for the gag reflex sorry no advice as I'm useless.

Vinorosso74 Wed 25-Oct-17 07:18:57

Oh also vitamin B12 injections can help.

Nottalotta Wed 25-Oct-17 07:19:34

I pts my cat last month. Also diabetic which took an age to stabilise. He was fed royal canin diabetic diet . Once he stabilised he was OK and actually his diabetes improved massively. He went from 6 units twice a day back down to half a unit twice a day. Each did develop other health problems and also had months of antibiotics, with the same up and downs that your cat us having. Hedo have one or two really bad days each month but then was lively and eating well the rest of the time. He kept losing weight though and one of his bad days didn't get better after several days so I made the decision to pts. It's incredibly hard.

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