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Vomiting cat

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MycatsaPirate Sat 21-Oct-17 20:14:59

13 year old boy has been sick twice tonight. First time it contained a fair bit of grass and was part fur ball.

Second time he was on top of the fish tank and sort of projectile vomited onto the floor and then was sick again and it all ran down the side of the glass. Mostly undigested food.

He's not normally sick unless it's furball or he's scoffed his food too quickly.

He was out overnight last night, he was yowling so much at 1am and scratching at the door that I let him out and although I waited until 1.45am he hadn't come back so presume he was hunting. He shot in the door at 7am, wolfed down his breakfast and then slept all day. He's had his dinner tonight.

Do I assume he's just eaten too quickly? How many times would he need to be sick before seeking vet advice?

He did sort of meow before he was sick but is now perched on top of the speaker eyeing up the fish tank. Seems fine.

halesie Sat 21-Oct-17 21:19:39

Hi, poor old boy sad
The projectile vomiting doesn’t sound good - was it noticeably different than how he has been sick before? Does he catch things and eat them? Has he lost weight recently? Is he eating and drinking as normal or is he e.g. drinking lots more than usual? If there’s any other indicator that he’s ill I’d take him for a check up on Monday (or emergency vet tomorrow if he goes downhill) but if he’s fine now and no other signs I’d probably just keep an eye on him and take him if anything else happens. If you’re at all worried just take him for a check though.

MycatsaPirate Sat 21-Oct-17 21:33:31

He used to be a prolific hunter and would eat his catches when he was younger. He seems less bothered nowadays and prefers to spend his days snoozing. He is still very active (when he can be bothered) and looks absolutely fine, no weight loss, not drinking or eating less than usual. I really am hoping it was just a dodgy mouse last night or a persistent hairball that caused the second bout of sickness.

He is eating fine now, doesn't seem poorly. Just a bit bothered by him being sick twice. Normally it's a hairball and he's done.

Poor boy sad

halesie Sat 21-Oct-17 22:02:44

Sounds like he is enjoying his retirement!

Also sounds similar to my 18yo boy cat. He has had random periods where he’s been sick for a few days then back to normal. Sometimes we’ve switched his food around and that’s helped - the richer ones do seem to irritate his tummy. He’s poorly now but it’s partly hyperthyroid and his meds are helping with that. He was enormous but has lost a fair amount of weight which is how it got picked up. Still very much enjoying life though, purring on my lap as I type smile

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