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Wilco cat litter

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jaspercat2002 Mon 16-Oct-17 12:14:54

I have two 4 month old kittens. When we brought them home they had been using Wilkinson’s wood based cat litter so we carried on with this - all good. Last time I went to get some it was out of stock so I stupidly decided all wood based would be the same and bought some from Tesco. Now we have run out of the Wilkinson’s stuff so I changed their main tray a couple of days ago for the Tesco stuff and they will not use the it at all! Have tried mixing half and half with their used litter but they are unimpressed.

Luckily I had only changed one tray so held off changing the others but Wilkinson’s are still out of stock. I've ordered some from their online shop but it’s going to take a few days to come and the trays need changing desperately - they are not keen on using them at all now as they are getting too well used.

They did have a couple of accidents outside the trays when they first arrived so I am keen to keep them positive about the whole thing.

Just wondered if anyone knew whether any other supermarket wood based litters were more similar to Wilkinson’s or had any other tips to get us through? I’ve tried with others - catsan (they ate it) and worlds best (completely unimpressed).

I am not used to such fussy kits - my last old boy would use anything quite happily.

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