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Worried sick - 2yo boy cat has not been seen since Friday

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SandunesAndRainclouds Sun 15-Oct-17 20:22:38

Where could he be hiding?!

We've knocked on doors up and down the road today, no one has seen him. DH has looked in the field behind us. Nothing. I've called and called. Favourite scratch post is outside. Still nothing.

I'm most worried as we've got a building site / housing development a few hundred yards south of us, behind our road. What if he's laying there injured and we can't get to him? 😢

I've shared his picture on social media, as have Cats Protection.

My anxiety is going through the roof. Bunny was killed by a fox 3 weeks ago - now my anxiety imagination is wondering if he's suffered the same fate.

thecatneuterer Sun 15-Oct-17 20:24:59

Adult cats are very rarely killed by foxes. Have your neighbours checked their sheds? Shut in a building site is a possibility. In which case he shut be released tomorrow if they start work again there.

SandunesAndRainclouds Sun 15-Oct-17 20:54:01

We've asked everyone to check sheds and garages, but I'll be out again tomorrow. I'm going to try and get the attention of the builders to see if they'll check the site for him being locked away or injured.

EachandEveryone Sun 15-Oct-17 21:33:08

Can you pin a note onto their gate?

SandunesAndRainclouds Mon 16-Oct-17 13:02:49

Still no sign 😢

Therewere5inthebed Mon 16-Oct-17 13:30:56

I’ve just popped back to see if you’ve had any news, so sorry you’ve not got him back yet.

SandunesAndRainclouds Mon 16-Oct-17 14:15:12

I think I've covered all bases.
-Checked chip details are up to date
-Rung all vets in our town
-Knocked on doors
-Spoken to site manager on new housing estate building site
-Registered him lost on FB / Cats Protection League
-Searched and searched and searched some more
-Leaflets being printed today
-Phoned council

3catsandcounting Mon 16-Oct-17 15:42:47

I can't count how many times I've been through this over the years with all of my cats.
More often than not, it was over the weekend; locked in somewhere. Quite a few times, they've turned up home on the Monday eve or Tuesday morning. People sometimes go away for a long weekend, get home Monday evening, open up the garage/shed, and out dashes hungry cat.

One cat I had went missing for 3 days, locked in someone's shed up the road. They let me know where he was and it took him till the next day to wander home. Bugger.

I know exactly what you're going through.

LavenderDoll Mon 16-Oct-17 18:57:43

Hope he turns up soon OP.
It's awful isn't it.
Our beautiful boy has been missing for 2 weeks now and it's heart breaking .
Hope he comes home soon for you flowers

SandunesAndRainclouds Mon 16-Oct-17 20:21:23

Still no sign.

DCs are in bits. I can't bear it 😢

dailydance Mon 16-Oct-17 20:28:29

See if any neighbours will let you call him from their back garden in case you / he can’t hear each other from yours. That’s how I found one of mine stuck up a neighbours tree

SandunesAndRainclouds Wed 18-Oct-17 14:22:57

Still nothing. We can get down the back of all the gardens and we've searched, we've called.

What if he's been stolen? 😞

MsMims Wed 18-Oct-17 15:32:47

Try to focus on looking for him especially now in the crucial early days. He’s much more likely to be lost or trapped than stolen.

What’s his personality like? Is he inquisitive enough to jump in a delivery van?

One of ours was trapped in a neighbours garage just a few doors up but didn’t respond to us calling for several days.

SandunesAndRainclouds Wed 18-Oct-17 21:05:02

I've looked everywhere I can, managed to get into the allotments at the end of our road and call at all of the sheds. There's posters everywhere and we've used up around 200 leaflets asking people on the estate to check garages / sheds etc.

He's timid. He'll go into next door's house but as soon as he's seen he bolts out. Doesn't mind eating their food or sleeping on their bed though!! Doesn't go in anyone else's house.

I'm calling him every time I go in or out and before bed etc. Favourite scratch pad is at the door.

I just can't imagine that he'd choose to leave. He has a very special bond with DD and didn't leave her side when she was recovering from surgery. He looked for her while she was in hospital, he looked so lost without her at home.

It's utterly heartbreaking.

3catsandcounting Wed 18-Oct-17 21:49:35

I know it sounds obvious, but are you sure you've checked absolutely everywhere at home? Any cupboards you don't go into much, loft/attic/cellar?
I know you'd think you would hear him scratch, but he's a timid boy?
I'm sure you've turned the house over already; I just know how you feel; listening out, looking out of every window, etc. It's exhausting. sadflowers

Therewere5inthebed Thu 19-Oct-17 09:52:43

I was hoping you’d have some good news by now, so sorry that you haven’t yet.

I know of someone who had success by emptying the vacuum cylinder along their road, the smells help them find their way home if they’re somewhere unfamiliar.

SandunesAndRainclouds Thu 19-Oct-17 10:11:25

No still nothing.

We don't have a loft or cellar. We've opened up all cupboards and nothing.

We had a possible sighting last night but I've just scouted the area and nothing other than a cat with similar markings but black not grey.

This is heartbreaking.

LavenderDoll Thu 19-Oct-17 14:04:00

I'm so sorry OP
It's awful isn't it. We are three weeks in and still out every night looking

Have you tried putting Hoover bag in garden and hanging his blanket on washing line .leaving food out ?
Sorry you probably have tried all this

We have leafletted all local vets and put posters up in all local shops and on lamp posts

Going out last thing at night or first thing in morning is good as well
Hoping you get some good news

SandunesAndRainclouds Thu 19-Oct-17 18:57:57

Our local newspaper has seen the Facebook posts and has asked to run a piece on the missing cat - they've seen on one of the posts how much DD depends on him post cancer and want to help get him back. I hope it works.

LavenderDoll Thu 19-Oct-17 20:35:10

That sounds really positive - will definitely get peoples attention with it being in the paper

SandunesAndRainclouds Sat 21-Oct-17 09:54:37

A week and nothing 😿

LavenderDoll Sat 21-Oct-17 15:24:58

I'm so sorry
It's three weeks for us
However so many people have shared such positive stories that I hope both of our babies come home soon after just being off having crazy adventures flowers

Therewere5inthebed Sat 21-Oct-17 15:39:12

I keep checking back hoping for good news from you Sand and you too Lavender

Keeping everything crossed for you.

SandunesAndRainclouds Sat 21-Oct-17 16:42:01

I've got a Facebook page for him now, loads of shares and posts have been seen 500 times. But nobody has seen him. I'm convinced he's either stolen or is shut in a shed or something.

ProperLavs Sat 21-Oct-17 17:36:13

I really hope he turns up.
One of mine simply didn't come home on Thursday. 8 months old. Never been out for long before, a real gentle home bod. I too suspect someone might have taken her. i too have done FB and leaflets It's so horrible .

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