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Dental Biscuits/Additives

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Pamsmooth Wed 11-Oct-17 15:41:55


Bit of a lurker/occasional poster here! Our Boycat has had more teeth taken out, first time at our new Vet since we moved out of London.

He now has no ‘crunchie’ teeth (molars?!) on his bottom jaw and missing two on the top. Previous Vet was always of the opinion it couldn’t be helped, Tigh is just one of those be cats who gets Neck Lesions...

New Vet has suggested either Dental Biscuits or water additives to help prevent more extractions, just wondering if anyone here had any previous experience of these? He’s a stressy little dude at the best of times, so he’s on Felix with extra water 2x a day and a scattering of biccies in the bottom of his bowl at night. Plus whatever unfortunate creatures he can get his paws on when he’s out about! While medicated food is expensive and we’d rather avoid the cost, our cats are very much out furry children and I want so what’s best for him as opposed to give the Vet loads of money!

Any advice?!

Pamsmooth Wed 11-Oct-17 15:43:16

Didn’t get to fully proof read that, so apologies for typos!

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