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Cat with Vitiligo

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Want2beme Tue 10-Oct-17 16:26:59

Was searching for something completely unrelated to cats, honest(!), and this popped up. I've never seen Vitiligo in a cat. He's beautiful with it.

Want2beme Tue 10-Oct-17 16:27:56

My links never work the first time!

DanHumphreyIsA Tue 10-Oct-17 16:28:31

aww so beautiful.

It's weird how any search can lead to cat pictures...grin

Weedsnseeds1 Tue 10-Oct-17 21:23:03

I've seen him before, absolutely gorgeous isn't he? smile

Want2beme Tue 10-Oct-17 21:44:05

He's so handsome and looks great for his age.

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