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Moving into a house with 7 other people

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stabbypokey Sun 08-Oct-17 19:54:35

I have to let out my garden flat and move in with good friends. My cat is a playful 12 years old and likes people in her own time. The new house also has a garden, and thankfully no other pets as she HATES every other cat and dog. I'm planning to move her in the last van and keep her food and litter tray in my bedroom the first evening. How long should I keep her inside so when I do let her out she won't bolt?

SunbathingCats Sun 08-Oct-17 19:59:48

I think it depends when she feels comfortable and relaxed there. We kept one cat in for over a month but another one we let out within a couple of days but they had very different personalities.

Allergictoironing Sun 08-Oct-17 20:05:07

Rescues usually recommend 3-4 weeks I think?

stabbypokey Sun 08-Oct-17 20:47:58

She is quite timid when she is out, I've only lost her once in 12 years when she got spooked and lost her bearings. 3-4 weeks you say? Well at least she will have lots of people to keep her occupied in the meantime.

MimsyBorogroves Sun 08-Oct-17 21:06:58

Definitely depends on the cat’s personality. A new cat, 4 weeks. Old cat in new house, a couple of weeks. The one cat we have who goes outside has never been kept in longer than 24 hours - he likes to have a couple of hours out a day. He’s lived in 5 different houses with us and hasn’t got himself lost yet.

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