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Best floor cleaner?

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EKLInTraining Sun 08-Oct-17 11:21:37

I have an old, quite incontinent cat. She has a Feliway plug which makes a bit of a difference but she still sometimes goes to the toilet on the floor. Been to vets and having tests etc to see if there's anything more scary than just old age going on.

In the meantime however I am looking for advice re a floor cleaner that disinfects the area and gets rid of the smell. Extra points if it also discourages cat from going to the toilet there again.

Flooring is lino in kitchen & bathroom and that fake lino wood type stuff in living room, study & hallway (cat not allowed in bedrooms).

So far I have tried:

- Sanicat floor cleaner
- Cif floor cleaner
- Flash floor cleaner
- Dettol floor cleaning wipes
- Get Off repellent spray afterwards to discourage repeat offending
- Bust-It urine buster spray

So far the best combination seems to be the Sanicat + Bust-It followed by Get Off. But wondering if MNers have any other suggestions.

I'm just using a normal mop & bucket with all this but if anyone has suggestions for snazzier options I'd be open to those too.

QueenJane Sun 08-Oct-17 11:27:11

Urine is obviously very alkali due to the ammonia, so you need an acid to neutralise. Honestly, despite all the fancy cleaners available, I find vinegar in water is really useful. It also kills bacteria and will remove the smell enough to deter further peeing. I'd also use a couple of cloths and hot water/vinegar mix rather than a mop. I think a mop just holds all the smells/bacteria and you then wipe it round the house again.

EKLInTraining Sun 08-Oct-17 11:31:41

QueenJane Thanks, that's really helpful. I hadn't even thought of the acid/alkali thing. I clean the bathroom fixtures with vinegar and water but never thought of using it on the floor.

Today is cleaning day so I'll try with hot water / vinegar using cloths rather than mop and see what happens.

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