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DD wants to do the 'natural cat diet' so surely she can pay for it?

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amsteram Sat 07-Oct-17 17:58:05

This is in litter tray as probably better than AIBU.

We have 2 cats and DD (now 16) wants to feel them the natural diet, it's something like 80% raw meat, 10% liver, etc. etc.

Cat is currently on Whiskers.

Is that even healthy for a cat, all that meat? Seems extreme and expensive!

Allergictoironing Sat 07-Oct-17 18:20:22

Cats are obligate carnivores, i.e. they depend on meat near enough entirely for their nutrition. That said, getting the balance of vitamins and minerals right can be very tricky indeed unless you feed manufactured raw feed - you can't just feed them chicken & pork fillets, they need the stuff they get from the bones, organs, fur, feathers etc.

I know dog owners who are rabidly into feeding a raw diet, but just about all the cats I have known have been fed standard cat food of differing qualities and all have lived to a ripe old age in pretty good health overall.

Raw diet tends to be a fair bit more expensive than the standard, so maybe ask your DD what she will be giving up (clothes, allowance, make up, Xmas & birthday pressies etc) to pay for the difference grin

PinkSparklyPussyCat Sat 07-Oct-17 18:24:53

You may find they don't like it after being on Whiskas. I tried feeding Harry a raw diet (Natures Menu) and he looked at me as though I was mad.

twilightcafe Sat 07-Oct-17 21:32:51

Harry has sense. 😁

PinkSparklyPussyCat Sat 07-Oct-17 21:37:55

Hmmm, first I've heard of it! I was actually quite glad he didn't like it as it looked vile. Pouches are bad enough but I would have struggled with raw!

FledglingFTB Sat 07-Oct-17 21:38:35

I make my own raw for our cat. It's labour intensive and messy. But so worthwhile if it keeps him healthy. DIY raw is also super cheap! You can buy premade which can be very expensive.

FledglingFTB Sat 07-Oct-17 21:40:12

There's Facebook group Cats Raw And Proud (C.R.A.P). I'd reconciled joining and reading firsthand experiences.

Weedsnseeds1 Sat 07-Oct-17 22:09:07

It's fine if you do it properly, but they need muscle, organs and bone in the right proportions, otherwise they will end up with a diet deficient in nutrients ( particularly taurine). You can't just feed meat.

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