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I feel so sick..

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Therewere5inthebed Thu 28-Sep-17 22:27:01

My little cat didn’t come in last night, not too unusual for her as she was a stray when she found us and a bit of a law unto herself, a real character..

I’ve been calling her all day but as it’s been sunny kept telling myself that she was out hunting mice and enjoying the sun..

But she wasn’t.. I was out the front of the house calling her and a neighbour from the end of the road appeared, his son found my baby dead on his drive this morning..

She only chose me two years ago, she was covered in ticks and skinny and chose to follow me home. I loved her so much..

sourpatchkid Thu 28-Sep-17 22:30:20

I'm so so sorry flowers

Jenda Thu 28-Sep-17 22:30:30

Oh, I am so so sorry. That's so sad. She sounds like a great character. What was her name? flowers

user1471531631 Thu 28-Sep-17 22:32:00

So sorry to read this. Been through it too and it is heart breaking. I can only say that after a while it is easier to think about the fact that whilst their life with you was short, it was very happy and full of love.

Therewere5inthebed Thu 28-Sep-17 22:42:21

Her name was/is Doris.. Dopey Doris..

She was a real character, she brought me live mice nightly (through the 1st floor fanlight window no less, the cat flap that I fitted for her was only used to exit..) and deposited them in the hallway, i’m now an expert mouse catcher.

She would get so blissed out during her morning cuddles that she’d fall off of my lap unless I held her.

She loved our three big dogs and rubbed round their faces in turn after a trip outside and she prrupped at me all of the time..

She’d knock the back door handle and mew at me through the glass if she wanted to come in and sleep in the most ridiculous places and we loved each other so much.

I can’t stop crying, it was such a shock and I can’t bear the thought of her not rubbing round my face with hers and her snuggling into my neck..

sourpatchkid Thu 28-Sep-17 23:35:47

She sounds amazing flowersflowersflowers

SunSeaAndSangria Thu 28-Sep-17 23:40:57

I'm very sorry sadflowers

IamImportantToo Thu 28-Sep-17 23:50:47

She sounds amazing. I am so sorry she isn’t with you any more.

TheLongRider Fri 29-Sep-17 07:34:53

So sorry for your loss. Sometimes the best cats are the ones that choose you. flowers

RickOShay Fri 29-Sep-17 07:38:09

I am so sorry, she sounds a great cat, oh poor you and her.

timtam23 Fri 29-Sep-17 08:16:55

So sorry, RIP Doris flowers

SteelyPip Fri 29-Sep-17 09:40:14

That's such sad news. I'm so sorry. She sounds fabulous. flowers

Therewere5inthebed Fri 29-Sep-17 09:53:20

She was wonderful..
When she chose us she had apparently been hanging around all day and a few people had tried to catch her as she was obviously in a poor state.

I walked past with kids galore (Childminder) after the afternoon pick up and she shor over and wound herself round my legs, she did parkour over parked cars and garden walls to keep up with us. When we arrived home she pushed in through the front door totally unfazed by our three big dogs and only stopped when she saw fierce cat in the kitchen..

She was not chipped and unclaimed so we fostered her for four weeks and then she was ours.. She was my cat as opposed to the family cat and only ever wanted me. She was so affectionate and showed me such adoration. We had a really special bond.

I can’t stand that I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye, I lost my 18 yr old cat last yr and although I was heartbroken she was euthanased at home and I had plenty of time to come to terms with it.

She’s now at the vets and will be back with us in two weeks. I just feel so wretched..

RickOShay Fri 29-Sep-17 13:37:48

She sounds really special, a real friend. flowers for you and Doris.

Want2beme Fri 29-Sep-17 20:52:07

That's awful. So sorry for your loss. It's such a difficult time flowers

ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Fri 29-Sep-17 20:55:14

So so sad reading your post. Sounds like you gave Doris a great life, and she enriched yours. I have loved and lost cats, cherish the memories and be happy she had a great life with you. X

isseywithcats Fri 29-Sep-17 21:08:20

awww so sorry but as a stray you gave her more love than anyone else ever had, and you will have some lovely memories of her , RIP little cat Doris play happy at the bridge xxx

Vinorosso74 Fri 29-Sep-17 22:47:15

How sad so sorry she's gone.

wtffgs Fri 29-Sep-17 22:58:55

I'm so sorry. She sounds like a wonderful cat flowers

Therewere5inthebed Sat 30-Sep-17 14:14:26

I had a visits from my both immediate neighbours yesterday after they heard what happened, one said that her Husband saw her playing with fallen leaves in the road around where it happened. She really was the most adorable, happy little cat, I cleaned her paw prints off of the upstairs window this morning and that made me go again..

Thank you for your kind comments, you really have been a comfort.

The shock has passed now and I just feel incredibly sad and really cheated..

sweatylemon Sun 01-Oct-17 19:47:32

Oh I am so very sorry.
How horrid for you!
One of mine has been gone now for 24 hours and I’m desperate

IrnBruTortie Sun 01-Oct-17 19:50:45

Oh I'm so sorry, she sounds wonderful. Be kind to yourself.

MrsMozart Sun 01-Oct-17 19:58:47

I'm so sorry. No wise words, just hugs.

Mulch Sun 01-Oct-17 20:17:07

So sorry sounds like she was very loved

Gah81 Sun 01-Oct-17 20:22:41

Sending many flowers to you, OP. And also to you, sweatylemon - I hope your cat comes back in.

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