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Cats calling each other?

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BowieAndMercury Tue 26-Sep-17 21:13:14

I was under the general impression that cats don't meow to each other although they communicate in different ways.

But last few nights at around 1am ginger boy has been meowing like crazy, then going back outside, then coming back in, repeating, until tabby boy comes in- then they will both go to sleep. There have been other instances where one has come in meowing and then stop when they see the other is already inside.

I suppose it's possible they're meowing to US to make their brother reappear in the same way they meow at us when it's raining and they want to go outside! grin I know the solution is to keep them both in at night which we often do anyway but I'm just curious whether anyone else has experienced something similar?

BowieandMercury Tue 26-Sep-17 21:18:37

Oh, and if anyone was wondering how they can 'lose' each other, there is a big area of long grass behind our garden that they love to play in, so they're not at all far and we could find them if we were worried, but would be easy for them to lose each other.

Scribblegirl Tue 26-Sep-17 21:21:08

Oh ours call each other all the time! They're half Siamese though so pretty vocal. Their favourite thing is calling each other to announce that they're on the litter tray / for some reason they want to show it off such boys

BowieAndMercury Tue 26-Sep-17 21:26:40

Haha that's brilliant Scribblegirl I'm imagining your cats looking super elegant but yelling "STAY AWAY FROM THE LITTER TRAY I'M HAVING A MASSIVE SHIT" grin

BowieAndMercury Tue 26-Sep-17 21:29:55

Ours had a Persian mum and unknown dad(s) but you'd think they were part Siamese the amount they talk! We were a bit worried but vet confirmed they're perfectly healthy and seem happy just loud!

Scribblegirl Tue 26-Sep-17 21:29:56

Oh it's the opposite

Scribblegirl Tue 26-Sep-17 21:30:27

Posted too soon!

They're actually trying to get the other one to come and look at it hmmgrin

They are bonkers...

ShesNoNormanPace Tue 26-Sep-17 21:30:49

Ours wander around mewing but I've watched cat1 when cat2 is calling away and there is no visible or audible reaction.

StatueInTheSky Tue 26-Sep-17 21:31:30

my girl cat will parade about calling for people, or her cat brother.....she likes to know where everyone is, she is a control freak

he hears can see his ears focus on her miaows, but he pretends not to hear her and you can see him radiating smugness that she cannot find him.

ShesNoNormanPace Tue 26-Sep-17 21:32:02

Ooh they also do the mewing before shitting thing grin

BowieAndMercury Tue 26-Sep-17 21:50:44

Scribblegirl I thought that's what you meant, it was just funny to picture, they sound hilarious grin

ShesNoNormanPace most of the time ours are the same, the one being called doesn't actually respond, but seeing them shuts the caller up. If they're both walking they usually give each other a sniff, if whoever's being called (usually tabby) is lying down they don't bother to get up!

StatueInTheSky Sounds just like my two, I think some cats are 'herders' and like to know where everyone is. I know when DH went away for a week they appeared to be looking for him.

IrritatedUser1960 Tue 26-Sep-17 22:47:55

Mine never speak to each other. I suspect each would like to be the only cat, the male cat hates all other cats but tolerates the female as he thinks she is his mother. We had her when he arrived as a tiny kitten.
She isn't his mother but acts like it, he still gets the odd cuff round the ear.
Introduce any other cat and all hell breaks loose.

Briette Wed 27-Sep-17 10:33:34

Mine are like StatueInTheSky's; here the boy shouts whenever he's lost sight of his girlfriend, while she doesn't care in the slightest and enjoys torturing him. They're just moggies.

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