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Older/ unwell cat. Might need to make 'The choice' soon

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elfycat Tue 19-Sep-17 23:43:56

Dcat1, approx 13yo. Named after an alcoholic beverage brand (not by me, she was a Squaddie's cat first). Mother of Dcat2 (she was pregnant when we got her, obviously neutered asap)

2 years ago she had an ear infection, and bashing her ear made the pinna balloon with blood. She had surgery to stitch it all together, but has a hard crinkly ear now. That's not the problem, but blood tests at the time showed her red/white blood cells were a little off.

Over the summer one of her eyes flared up - possibly a grass seed became embedded and infected. She had the eye removed. Blood tests showed that the red/white cells were much reduced, and we had her tested for feline leukemia etc. She doesn't have it.

Today I noticed a mark on the cornea of her remaining eye; she has an ulcer. No injury apparent. We've got eye drops and oral ABs and will have her seen on Friday.

But she's acting off (as she did with the ear and eye previously). Very clingy or sitting with her head sort of drooped. I have a 'sixth sense' with cats and humans was a recovery nurse for years, it's a learned thing rather than 'woo', though I am 'woo' too and I have a hunch that her eye will deteriorate, as it did in the summer.

WIBU to consider having her PTS, if this goes wrong? Rather than making her blind. I'm not sure the vet will be keen on surgery again with her blood issues. I'd not object to a well but blind cat, but she's not very robust. Obviously I'm doing all I can with the medication to save the eye.

Was feeling slightly heartbroken for her before today sad

AllToadsLeadToHome Wed 20-Sep-17 00:27:21

I hope you don't have to make the decision but you know her best. Just bear in mind that meds can make them feel rough and can take a good while to leave the system after the course is finished. I would give it plenty of time as long as she is eating and eliminating. She might be clingy because she just feels a bit ill and wants a cuddle.

timtam23 Wed 20-Sep-17 22:22:06

If she perks up a bit it may be worth seeing how she copes with much reduced vision. My old cat (16+) lost his sight due to high blood pressure but still managed a good enough quality of life for a couple more years - we just had to take more care over not moving the furniture, using plenty of audible cues to let him know where we were etc. He moved around the house very well and would jump up on the furniture too. Things may not be as final as you are fearing, fingers crossed

elfycat Sat 23-Sep-17 12:47:14

Took Dcat1 back to the vet yesterday. There's no signs that her body is attempting to heal the ulcer, which he would have expected. He gently debrided the ulcer to try to stimulate healing.

We're thinking that while she doesn't have feline leukemia (virus), she might have leukemia-type illness just as 'one of those things'.

Having a blind cat wouldn't be the end of the world but surgery would be risky due to her health. The vets were questioning surgery vs PTS with the last eye due to her blood test results, but I felt if it was an injury it should be treated.

I have anti-virals as well as antibiotics to see if there's any infection that might be causing this. Back to the vet Weds, unless her eye deteriorates in which case Monday.

elfycat Sun 08-Oct-17 15:44:13

I gave her every tablet, and every eye drop, but her eye is deteriorating. She's also becoming very droopy, and seems to be taking more effort to breathe.

With her blood results and general health the vet didn't think surgery was an option for her.

She's home for one last weekend. Lots of cuddles and multiple tins of tuna (her favorite). Appointment tomorrow to be PTS.

DDs have been told, and I imagine there will be a tearful morning before school. At the moment they're focused on stuffing her full of tuna chunks.

imjessie Sun 08-Oct-17 16:09:32

Sorry to read this , I lost my dear cat in June at 19. He was amazing ! I made the vets come to me and he went on my lap on my bedroom floor . It was as peaceful as it could have been . The vets and the basket is very stressful for cats and I wanted to avoid it where possible . It’s costs a bit more but that wasn’t a factor for me . I wanted him to go quietly and peacefully . Either way I wish you all the best for tomorrow .

Wolfiefan Sun 08-Oct-17 16:13:49

I'm so sorry but you're doing the right thing putting the welfare of the cat first. It really sounds like surgery could be traumatic as long recovery at best. Pointless suffering at worst.
Thinking of you. flowers

elfycat Mon 09-Oct-17 13:56:10

She's gone now sad

DDs wanted a headstone somewhere in the garden. They're going through a bit of a death-awareness phase at the moment before this happened.

We've compromised on getting something structural for the garden. A centrepiece to a flowerbed that we are planning.

Allergictoironing Mon 09-Oct-17 14:07:41

So sorry for you. You may want to consider getting a cat statue for the garden as the memorial?

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