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In all honesty when did you stop with the kitten food?

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EachandEveryone Sun 20-Aug-17 18:04:41

Shes five and a half months. Its not about the money it's the Convienience. I dont slways need tp do abig zoo plus order. The supermarkets only sell felix or ehiskas kitten. She has Felix to fall back on. My question is what is in Felix kitten thats not in a good quality adult food. She eats her big sisters food happily. Ive got trays of posh german stuff that shes not interested in. If she carries on with good quality dry can i start feeding her the sisters NM?

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 20-Aug-17 18:11:58

6 or 7 months.

EachandEveryone Sun 20-Aug-17 18:32:35

What did you put them on?

ShowOfHands Sun 20-Aug-17 18:34:31

My cat is 11 months. I have enough kitten food for another 3 weeks, then I'll swap to adult food.

EachandEveryone Sun 20-Aug-17 18:37:49

Your only one? I have two at different t stages I was so precise with the first. I can crack on with the Felix but it's not supposed to be very good quality I just really want to know if a good quality adult is better than Felix as long as I carry on with the kitten dry

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 20-Aug-17 18:56:18

He went onto chicken breast but he had digestive issues. After that it was cereal free Aldi pouches.

EachandEveryone Sun 20-Aug-17 19:03:18

I wish I had an Aldi. I've just ordered 42 Hilife kitten pouches. She gets spayed next week. When they have finished I'm going to put them both on the same. I mean what did they do years ago?

Allergictoironing Sun 20-Aug-17 20:15:56

Years ago people fed cheap tinned food (Whiskas was the posh stuff then), and maybe something like Go-Cat if they even thought about dry food. For both dog and cat food the advances made over the years in nutritional research have been massive, people never bothered before. I saw the same thing when we had horses - I think I was the first person where we kept ours to talk to an equine nutritionist & adjust feeding accordingly.

dementedpixie Sun 20-Aug-17 20:19:29

My two are 9 months now and probably had kitten wet food until 6 months and then they stopped eating all the 'quality' stuff I bought for them. I give kitten dry stuff still but they've been having Sheba and gourmet Perle pouches from 6 months ish. I did read that their energy requirements drop once they are neutered so didn't really need the kitten stuff any more as mine were neutered at 4 months

RoganJosh Sun 20-Aug-17 20:20:53

We get our cat food from amazon, would that be any help to you?

ElizabethShaw Sun 20-Aug-17 20:52:13

Mine has been on adult food since 3 months as the kitten food gave her an upset stomach. Supermarket doesn't stock wheat free kitten food so she gets the adult stuff and seems to be healthy and growing.

EachandEveryone Sun 20-Aug-17 21:02:14

I've ordered Hilife off Amazon Prime it will last her another month then she will be 61/2,months and neutered then I'm putting them on the same I'll stick to the science plan kitten dry does anyone know if science plan is really any good? Daphne has put on loads of weight since she started it so I deffo need to get her grain free again once it's finished. Dolly the kitten tolerates grains well.

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