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The worst decision

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NutButterNutter Sun 13-Aug-17 21:47:09

Kind of a WWYD and handhold, our beloved kitty got hit by a car last night (bastards didn't stop). He's lost all the teeth on one side at the bottom but his jaw is ok. His nose was bleeding a lot but that has stopped. The vet thinks he has detached both lenses (almost definitely one) so is likely to be totally blind. He also hasn't eaten or drunk, even when it's in front of him. He won't tolerate tube feeding but is being hydrated through fluid under his skin as he won't tolerate the drip.
They've sent him home tonight to see if he'll eat at home, and he's just quietly letting us stroke him and seems as happy as a busted up cat can be.
I have to go in with him tomorrow, but if he hasn't eaten or drunk, we have until Tuesday before making the decision to put him to sleep. I also can't afford to get his lenses removed to avoid future eye problems and the vet says there are ethical issues with keeping a completely blind cat going.
DH thinks we should put him to sleep tomorrow and that it's the kindest thing to do. I'm just so gutted I can't think past losing my beautiful little man but know he's probably right. What would you guys do?
Also, please insure your darlings. I don't think it makes any difference to my horrible decision but at least I wouldn't have a massive bill to have to deal with on top of it all.

Henriettacat Sun 13-Aug-17 21:51:06

It's horrible and I would find it very hard,but if that was Henry, I would have to have him euthanised. Your husband is right. It's the kindest thing

MsMims Sun 13-Aug-17 21:52:27

I disagree about the blindness issue providing he has good hearing and you're willing to keep the furniture in roughly the same place so he can adjust and memorise his routes around the home. Of course he wouldn't be able to free roam outside any more as he wouldn't see danger coming or know where to safely escape to, but having him as a house/ garden cat isn't an ethical concern IMO.

More worrying is why he won't eat. That really needs to be gotten to the bottom of asap. How is he in himself considering he's been through a major trauma?

Kraggle Sun 13-Aug-17 21:54:05

I'm so sorry. If it was one of mine I would give them a lovely night at home and have them put to sleep. It will be the kindest thing.

DramaAlpaca Sun 13-Aug-17 21:54:05

I'm so sorry this has happened. I'm with your DH on this, it's the kindest thing to do for your lovely puss. It's desperately hard though flowers

countingdown2gin Sun 13-Aug-17 21:56:32

Oh what awful news I'm sorry.

I agree with DH too. Give him a lovely night full of love and attention and put him to sleep tomorrow. Poor little mite.

Papergirl1968 Sun 13-Aug-17 21:58:42

So sorry to hear this. I would not make a decision now, but see how he is tomorrow and what the vet says. Think about how old he is and what his personality is like, whether he would adapt to being an indoor cat etc.
My friend's elderly dog had to have both eyes removed a few months ago and has adapted well.

OnNaturesCourse Sun 13-Aug-17 21:59:26

Eating could be down to his teeth. Have you tried alternative foods like paté or blended stuff? Get a bit on your finger and try rub it in his mouth to tempt him. Does he have a favourite flavor?

My cat has failing sight, needs lights etc left on. Just due to age but cats adapt, my cat for example meows one the dark as the sounds echo back off objects and he works it out from there. He just jumps up on sofa etc, still runs. He's had time to gradually adjust to this however and your Kitty has not - if you can tempt him to eat/drink I'd stick with him, he too will adjust to the sight trouble. It could take months however so patience will be needed.

I hope he eats / drinks soon.

AliCat36 Sun 13-Aug-17 22:00:14

He might not be eating due to shock. The blindness he might cope with. Give him a couple of days & see how he is. The vet will advise you. If he's in pain then you know what to do but if not then give him time to see if he will recover.
My sister's cat was hit by a car. Ended up blind in one eye but otherwise recovered & is living a normal life.
Good luck.

Seeingadistance Sun 13-Aug-17 22:01:04

I'm so sorry about what has happened to your lovely cat.

I really don't know what I would do in your situation. Probably, given the chance of further, painful complications, especially with his eyes, I'd be inclined towards having the wee soul put to sleep.

ClandestineAdulation Sun 13-Aug-17 22:02:59

I'm sorry you're going through this flowers

Blind cats can live very happy lives, but depending on the age of the cat, there can be ethical issues to consider (will your cat cope living indoors, for example).

Given the other issues you have mentioned, it may be the kindest thing to do to have him put to sleep; see how he is tomorrow. Take advice from the vet but use your head too; you know your cat the best. x

Mulch Sun 13-Aug-17 22:03:47

I'm sorry, I'd let them know they were loved and let them be free of pain tomorrow

5rivers7hills Sun 13-Aug-17 22:05:53

Oh love. I agree with most of the other posted. Give him a good night, say gooodbye then have him PTS. It will be the kindest thing. Hugs to you all.

LEMtheoriginal Sun 13-Aug-17 22:09:34

You poor thing. Has pusscat weed and poor since the accident? Cats can be a bit funny about food post trauma and often require appetite stimulants to help but that comes after ensuri g he is feeling better.

I would be led by your vet on this one. Yes a blind cat can have quality of life. My friends cat is totally blind and we suspect my mum's cat may be blind also but she doesn't bump into things. Saying that your cat would need to be confined indoors and it isn't easy to say how that will affect his quality of life as each animal is an individual.

Fingers crossed he picks up but so long as he is pain free I don't think you should rush into a decision as you will have to live with it for a long time and for your own peace of mind I think you need to be in possession of all the facts before you decide.

As far as tempting to eat I find that cats love a tin of sardines.anythi.g strong smelling and tasty xxx flowers

LEMtheoriginal Sun 13-Aug-17 22:11:14

Weed and poodr!

NutButterNutter Sun 13-Aug-17 22:16:47

Thank you all flowers Forgot to ask the vet about wees and poos but he hasn't so far this evening. He squished nose will be stopping him smelling so that may make the eating worse. I have some sardines so will try the oil at first - great suggestion.
I don't know why but posting here has made me feel a lot better. He's now dribbling on my knee.
I'll keep you posted and thanks again for the handhold!

LEMtheoriginal Sun 13-Aug-17 22:24:36

The wee/poo is important as there could be damage to the pelvic area/bladder so we don't usually discharge unless cat has at least piddled. Hopefully as this hasn't been raised it was not of concern. If he normally goes outside though he might be reluctant to go indoors but it's with keeping an eye on.

Everything crossed for you x

thecatneuterer Sun 13-Aug-17 22:30:44

If it's just the blindness then he will adjust just fine. There is no need to put down a cat for being blind. For everything else be guided by your vet. I'm sorry he and you are going through this.

NutButterNutter Mon 14-Aug-17 14:26:21

Quick update - the vet is ok with us attempting to syringe feed to see if it's just too sore to eat and we'll see how he heals. They've given us painkillers and antibiotics and we'll review it in a couple of days.
He used to be a housecat before he became a bit of a crap outdoor cat so I'm hoping, if he gets through this, he won't be too bothered about being an indoor one again.
He's rolling over for tummy rubs still and is ok in himself. Poor snuggly man

AliCat36 Mon 14-Aug-17 21:24:02

That sounds a bit more positive. Fingers crossed for you & for him.

Papergirl1968 Thu 17-Aug-17 10:36:07

Any update, Ali ?

Papergirl1968 Thu 17-Aug-17 10:36:54

Sorry, Nut not Ali

NutButterNutter Thu 17-Aug-17 19:42:27

He's rallying! Had a checkup and they're happy with him so far. He's started eating and drinking and going for supervised walks in the garden (to make sure he doesn't try to get out...). He's even jumping up on the furniture again. So glad I gave him a chance. The vet says he seems very comfortable and there's no sign he's in pain - phew!
Reviewing again in a couple of weeks to see how his eyes are, though.
Thanks for all your support flowers

Mrscropley Thu 17-Aug-17 19:44:21

Nutbuttercat is def down a life then but still loved and living!!

AliCat36 Thu 17-Aug-17 20:11:52

Fantastic news! So pleased for you & for him. His eyes must be working at least a bit if he's getting around the house & garden ok. Great news smile

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