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Does anyone have a Savannah cat?

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sugarplumfairy28 Tue 04-Jul-17 19:31:42

At the end of April, we rescued a litter cat maybe 8-10 months old, from a local farm where was dumped and left. She is the most affectionate little soul, very chatty, incredibly cuddly, she seems to worship me, I get kisses a special meow just for me, she has to come for a huge cuddle before I go to bed, or go out, and get an equally large welcome back. Anyhow our vets have now said they are sure that she is a Savannah cat and abandoned for undesirable traits, she is a polydactyl and a little on the small size, which apparently is more than enough for a breeder to discard her.

We've had a BSH, a Bengal and still have our Abyssinian (along with several others) is there any quirks to look out for? Naughty habits? I'm already convinced that when she decides to go back out she will be a skilled hunter, but we have that 'problem' anyway. Just looking for any insights really from real people not just articles.

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 04-Jul-17 19:58:19

Ahem. I think the photos been forgotten.

sugarplumfairy28 Tue 04-Jul-17 20:49:47

Haha, she is such a nightmare to get photos of, she assumes that you need love and headbutts the phone, all my other photos very clearly identify us. So this one will have to do

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 04-Jul-17 20:56:22

She's beautiful! She's got a big head, I wonder if she's still got some growing to do.

caffeinestream Tue 04-Jul-17 21:02:17

Oh wow, she's gorgeous!

I've always wanted one but I know they can be a LOT of work. I've had Bengal-crosses in the past and I currently have a Maine Coon/BSH cross and a Bombay. All gorgeous and full of personality but nowhere near as energetic as a Savannah!

She looks like she'll get very big!

sugarplumfairy28 Tue 04-Jul-17 21:25:43

I've tried my best to crop my husband out, even this one isn't great you can barely see her beautiful spots and it's a little blurry as she was mid-nuzzle. She does seem big for her age, I don't remember any of our others (other than my male Bengal) being this big at 10 ish months. She as quite a short tail, not sure that will be any indicator of overall size though, but she has such long long legs. Either way I think this may be an adventure.

ChrisPrattsFace Tue 04-Jul-17 21:34:47

The only savannah I ever met was gigantic, and he was the smallest of the litter. He could reach the kitchen table on hind legs at 8 months old!
Also, they are an absolute fortune (he was 3k) so not the type of cat to be abandoned!
I hope you post regular updates and pictures of her!!

TheCatOfAthenry Tue 04-Jul-17 21:58:50

I love her! My Cookie is a phone-butter too. grin

sugarplumfairy28 Tue 04-Jul-17 22:17:40

She is just shy of being able to reach a door handle standing on her back legs, so that's going to be a fun game if she grows more!

From what the vet has said she is maybe an F4 or F5, the lower you go the less expensive they sell for. Also I'm in Germany and they're not quite as popular here, don't think I've seen one for more than 2k and that was an F2 I think (it was a while ago). My main doubt, and not thinking she was a Savannah was surely a breeder could have sold her for something, and not just dump her, but I'm told it's becoming more common.

I shall try my best to get madam Zelda to become a poser cat grin

ChrisPrattsFace Wed 05-Jul-17 06:27:26

I also know they have an aggressive trait! Like you say further down the breeding line that does get less.
The one I know had started attacking the children, put them hospital - and then the other pets! He was horrible!

She is beautiful, my mum will be very jealous because she wants one and I've told her no! grin

caffeinestream Wed 05-Jul-17 09:15:32

Zelda is a great name!

Have you seen videos of them on YouTube? They can jump to amazing heights and need a lot of space to run about and burn off energy.

One man has one (I think her name is Zoey) and she can open food cupboards and pouches of food so he has to padlock everything! She can also open doors/windows and jump to the tops of doorframes from sitting - she's stunning though!

sugarplumfairy28 Wed 05-Jul-17 11:07:27

My husband has been playing with her and the laser pen, and she is so quick, and she's like an arctic fox, she pounces. We already have to lock everything because of our Teddy monster who oddly has become her best friend, I might be in trouble!

I asked Zelda if she wanted a cuddle, and then stood just too far away for her to climb up, the eyes!! Mummy just pick me up. But I got a photo lol

Oldraver Wed 05-Jul-17 13:18:14

She's beautiful...

caffeinestream Wed 05-Jul-17 18:56:39

Oh my days she is STUNNING.

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