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New kitty and advice re:feeding please?

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Needingsomeadvice Sun 02-Jul-17 13:25:32

Wondered if you could all advise on a feeding plan for my lovely new rescue cat. She's approx 1.5-2 years old, and has just recently had kittens. She's been on Whiskas pouches and Whiskas dry during her time before she was ready to come to us. She doesn't like food in jelly I am told!
My previous cat tried Cosma, Bozita, Butchers, Animonda Carni etc and of all of them he only really liked Cosma (not complete). He ate dry but was fussy.
As a start I bought James Wellbeloved turkey (she loves it) and Whiskas in gravy (she eats but leaves a lot of the meat).
I just wondered - how much should she be having? She's 4kg.

Needingsomeadvice Sun 02-Jul-17 19:33:06

Sorry - to clarify - I was wondering if anyone had any ideas re: amounts and ratios of wet to dry? She's eating the Whiskas gravy but mostly leaving the chunks, so today I have been to the pet shop to buy a few single servings of different types of food to try, but obviously we will have to finish the Whiskas (bought for continuity as this was what she'd been having most recently). Tried her on a paté style this evening (Gourmet) and she absolutely loved it. Also wondered if giving half a pouch would mean more of the meat would be eaten?

Needingsomeadvice Mon 03-Jul-17 14:32:18

Errr...(looks about her and spots tumbleweed)...

I'll get me coat blush

user1496701154 Mon 03-Jul-17 14:38:23

Hi there as a 4kg cat she should be eating approx 2 wet policies and a mix of dry food. However this also varies cat to cat on activity levels. Alot of my cats done that with whisaks in gravy our cat lover gourmet soup cat food in pouches you could try them (not saying you have to) she was a fussy eater. For pouches you could try half however I found that with that I had same result of the half I left in pack went very dry, but alot of cats do just pick gravy I've know 6 cats do that.

Needingsomeadvice Tue 04-Jul-17 00:11:47

Thanks for replying smile.
I was thinking about 30-40g of the dry food out during the day (it says about double that for a cat that weight if just fed that on its own) and then a pouch morning and night? She seems happy with paté style like the Gourmet gold paté in little cans, and she likes the shredded stuff in broth (like Applaws etc). But I guess we will work through the Whiskas for the time being even though she leaves a lot! Thanks again!

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