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Cats and moving dilemma

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FFS23 Mon 26-Jun-17 17:15:01

I don't post very much usually but I could really use some advice from fellow cat people.

I am in the process of moving as I cannot afford to stay where I am. I have three cats:

Big cat (7kg) 8yo lh male, stressy personality
Medium cat 9yo sh male easygoing occasional mad moments. Friendly ex stray
Little cat sh 17yo in good health likes pepole fairly sensible. On long term lodging with me as her owner isn't in a position to have her at present.

All 3 have outdoor access now. Unfortunately I'm finding it really hard to buy a new home with its own outdoor space within my budget. One place I've seen is really lovely with space for cat toys/tree/scratch posts internally but doesn't have its own garden - the door opens out onto pedestrian access to the residents parking spaces then there are a combination of private gardens and communal green space behind these. Quiet roads to the perimeter. I just don't know if this would work for them?

I have considered trying to transition them to indoor cats but not sure this is fair on them although I would try walking them on harness. All are litter trained. I have already bought catnip spray and Feliway in preparation for the move either way.

My main worry is the stressy one - he isn't going to take moving well anyway, isn't very streetwise and although he likes going outside he's the one who gets into trouble (been to vets a few times for fight wounds).

I just don't know what to do for the best so any advice would be really appreciated. Sorry it's long!

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