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Night time

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Mrbrownstone Fri 23-Jun-17 22:52:47

Just a question about kittens and night time. I have my eye on a persian chinchilla kitten 9 weeks old. Im trying to think of the practicalities. So daytime fine, Im home. But night time, do people crate their kittens at night like you would a puppy? I dont like the idea of letting a kitten have free reign of the kitchen / living room as I would worry all night they might hurt themselves or get stuck somewhere. Is it ok to crate a kitten until a bit older? Do kittens tend to sleep all nighy? Would he be scared being alone at night?

dementedpixie Fri 23-Jun-17 23:36:07

I've never crated our kittens. We got ours when they were 8 weeks old and to start with they were confined to the kitchen at night. They now have the run of the house apart from bathrooms. They never had us up in the night but maybe that's because there were 2 of them so they weren't alone

Toddlerteaplease Sat 24-Jun-17 07:14:37

Don't crate it. Just confine to one room at night. Persians are quite sedate in general so I don't think they'd be to much trouble. (Though one of mine has recently found her voice and likes to announce her presence at ungodly hours!) it is lovely having a furry lump sleeping next to you. Mine snore like a train!

Mrbrownstone Sat 24-Jun-17 09:26:41

Would it be distressed if I crated it? With bed litter tray & food of course. I really dont like the idea of giving him free reign of a room, so many things to get stuck behind etc..

Mrbrownstone Sat 24-Jun-17 09:27:51

Just initially, he could stay in sitting room uncrated eventually when hes more settled

TheCatOfAthenry Sat 24-Jun-17 09:28:46

When I had one she slept beside me. Once we got our second they started wrestling on top of the duvet.

I now leave them in their room with lots of toys but when they're a little older I plan to invite them back in.

Mrbrownstone Sat 24-Jun-17 09:30:09

We don't have a utility room, just kitchen & sitting room & there would just be so much danger. Actually how would I block up a chimney?

TheCatOfAthenry Sat 24-Jun-17 09:30:10

@Mrbrownstone you could try it, but mine would scream the place down!

TheCatOfAthenry Sat 24-Jun-17 09:33:28

@Mrbrownstone I use the kitchen but have cooker off at the wall and cupboards closed. We have a utility room but it's tiny and I don't think they'd like it!

My little 10 week old once got into a drawer through the back and got stuck, but we just leave a cushion at the 'entrance' now. Chew toys thankfully keep him away from wires, but I plug them out anyway.

NC4now Sat 24-Jun-17 09:35:53

Don't crate her. She'll need free reign in the day so just kitten proof the room.
We used to shut the living room door so he just had downstairs but he soon started to come up with us.

dementedpixie Sat 24-Jun-17 09:39:17

We used the kitchen as it has a wipe clean floor. When they're small they can't get on worktops and the cupboards are kept shut. The cat tree is still in there as is the litter tray and feeding mat/ bowls. They can go anywhere at night now though

Hulder Sat 24-Jun-17 09:40:19

Do not crate your kitten! Kittens are nothing like puppies and can largely take care of themselves.

Also you may start with intentions of keeping them in a kitchen/utility overnight but after a few nights of them wailing at the door, scratching the wood and digging up any flooring you will give up and kitten will be sleeping in its rightful place on your bed.

Mrbrownstone Sat 24-Jun-17 10:29:45

Hmm dont think i want him sleeping on my bed! Wouldn't that mean litter tray in bedroom? No chance! I dont mind an older cat having the run of the house when they are older Im just worried about what danger a kitten could get into. May be I could kitten proof the sitting room if I could somehow block off the chimney. Do they chew wires? Would they scratch the skirting boards, doors etc ?

dementedpixie Sat 24-Jun-17 10:47:39

We have a litter tray downstairs and they go down to use it when required. They even come in from outside to use it! I would confine to one room to start with. They might scrabble at the door to get out. Why don't you want to use the kitchen?

dementedpixie Sat 24-Jun-17 10:48:47

Mine did like wires to start with. They aren't so bad now.

Mrbrownstone Sat 24-Jun-17 11:07:27

We have just had a brand new kitchen! So reluctant to have kitten there unsupervised.

dementedpixie Sat 24-Jun-17 11:12:08

What harm could they realistically do to it? Have a scratching post/cat tree to deflect attention from other things they could scratch. I didn't want them to be on carpet as it's easier to clean the kitchen floor if there were any accidents

Toddlerteaplease Sat 24-Jun-17 11:15:24

Allot of Persians can't climb because their legs are to short. Mine have never ever gone on the kitchen worktops and can only get onto a windowsill in stages!! (Disclaimer, mine are adults and I never had them as kittens.) mine were initially banned from the bedroom because one of the snores and drinks out of her cup very loudly. That lasted until her sister just head butted the door open! Seriously though, their is nothing better than having a furry purring thing trying to take over the bed or sitting on your head. I

NC4now Sat 24-Jun-17 11:56:56

No, the litter tray goes wherever you want and they go to it if they need it. Ozzy did chew a couple of wires when he was teeny but he grew out of it quickly.
Still haven't trained him out of scratching the sofa though 😐

dementedpixie Sat 24-Jun-17 12:03:23

Mine like to scratch the front of the bottom stair and I have to chase them away from it.

LivingInMidnight Sat 24-Jun-17 15:09:37

Have you thought about adopting an adult cat instead? You seem very worried about normal kitten behaviour, it might make sense to skip that stage.

Hulder Sat 24-Jun-17 15:38:04

Litter tray goes where you want it. Kitten walks back to litter tray to use it.

Kittens come litter trained and they don't want to sleep in the same room as their toilet either.

Are you sure you are ready for a cat? Especially a longhair which will cover all your prize possessions in cat hair.

Mrbrownstone Sat 24-Jun-17 16:29:22

Nope not sure at all! Thats why Im here 😉 appreciate all the advise

Icequeen01 Sat 24-Jun-17 16:32:08

I was going to post to say the same as Hulder. Are you really sure you should have a kitten? I have never even heard of crating a kitten and I can only imagine how unhappy it would be. Cats and kittens really are free spirits and do not take kindly to being restricted like that. You also need to realise they can also be destructive little sods and race around like lunes at night. I honestly think you would be better with a mellow adult cat.

Hulder Sat 24-Jun-17 17:12:06

I'd strongly consider having a shorthair cat as well.

DH was a non- cat person and he struggled with the amount of hair my shorthaired moggies produce- which to my mind was none at all. Persian will be high maintenance in comparison.

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