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Cat missing.

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SucksFake Tue 20-Jun-17 23:07:05

Our 10 month old (neutered) male cat has been going outside since he was about 5 months. Spending most of the day out, and coming in on the evening to eat and sleep. Out again first thing. We moved 6 weeks ago, and much to his frustration kept him in for the first few weeks. Since then we gradually allowed him to spend time outside, and he reverted to his apt teen of being out most of the day and coming in at night. Last week he stayed out overnight for the first time. Was worried about him but caught sight of him the next evening (he'd cornered a baby rabbit; we're in the country and overrun with them, & he'd caught a few before. He manages to get a collar with bell off on a regular basis). He came in but cried to get out soon after. We kept him in though, and he settled.
However, he went out as normal on Saturday and has not returned. I've called him as usual, rattled his bowl, and have put tuna & catnip on the windowsill this evening. No joy as of yet.
He is chipped, so if anyone finds him and brings him to a vet, we'll get him.
I don't think he will have gone to anyone else; he was a rescue kitten and still very skittish.
Anything else I can do? sad

Mimipoo Wed 21-Jun-17 03:29:56

I'm in exactly the same situation as you!!! 2 year old didsapeared on Sunday.
I have been looking constantly since Sunday lunchtime for my girl and completely devistated.
I have been round neighbors asking people to check sheds etc, put up posters and a post on village Facebook site. Asked postman and people working outdoors to keep an eye out. Reported missing to all local vets, cat protection and microchip company, put on national missing pet site. Put litter tray outside.
Also walked round area ( rural) multiple times in tears with a packet of dreamies in my hand and leaflets for any doors not opened.
Nothing has worked for me yet. The only positive thing I have is she has not been reported dead (yet).
Let me know how you are doing?

Mimipoo Wed 21-Jun-17 03:31:46

1 year old! Fat fingers on phone in exhausted weepy state.

SucksFake Thu 22-Jun-17 11:03:04

Hi Mimipoo, sorry to hear that you have lost your cat as well. I hope that by now she might have turned up.
I have been reading online and a lot of sites say that if it is warm cats can stay out for days at a time, and are very resourceful when it comes to finding food and water.
Still no sign of our boy. I know he has a plentiful supply of food (rabbits/mice; he's caught both) and the farmer in the next field had horses, so there is a ready supply of water he could help himself too.
We put his litter tray outside, and put tuna out. It had been eaten by yesterday evening, and we refilled the bowl. We placed it on the living room windowsill and hoped to catch sight of him. I am fairly sure I heard him mewing, and somehow the bowl ended up empty, on the ground.
So I think he is still about. But just choosing to ignore us humans. I think if the good weather breaks, and we have rain, he might appear wanting to come back in.
I do hope your girl has turned up, or turns up very soon.

troodiedoo Thu 22-Jun-17 11:06:41

Put contents of your hoover in garden and some food. Keep calling him. Sounds like you have an explorer and being in the country there will be much interest for him. Stay positive. Hope he returns soon. Can we have a pic?

SpareChangeDownTheSofa Thu 22-Jun-17 11:08:46

Litter tray outside, hang his bedding on the washing line.

Mimipoo Thu 22-Jun-17 12:32:13

Still no sign here. I'm sick with worry. We are rural also she has endless countryside she could explore. We have had no sign at all that she is around.

SucksFake Thu 22-Jun-17 20:09:00

This is our little adventurer.

I'm sorry to hear your cat hasn't come back Mimipoo. Hopefully they are both just having fun exploring and will come home when they see fit.

Thank you Troodie and Spare as well for the advice. Will keep trying with the food, and will hang bedding out (he usually sleeps at the end of my daughter's bed). Will try the hoover contents too.

troodiedoo Fri 23-Jun-17 11:17:30

Aw look at his little face! Hope he turns up soon.

SpareChangeDownTheSofa Fri 23-Jun-17 16:56:52

Try local selling pages on FB, call the chip company, any vets and the RSPCA/warden near you just incase they see him.

You can also register him on DogLost, it can be used for cats too and creates you a poster that you can share on social media x

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